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One Never Knows when Diving Energy will Present it self


One Never Knows when Diving Energy will Present it self


When I was a kid my dad had a pawnshop in downtown
Going to work with my father was one of the joys
of my early childhood. The pawnshop had the
coolest things to play with. They had handcuffs,
police badges, knives, and swords, cool rings and
watches, record players and all kinds of camera
equipment plus a lot more. My dad let me take
home whatever I wanted on Saturday and by
Wednesday he took everything back to the store
these were my first teachings in nonattachment.

At a very young age I became a picker. If you
don’t know what that is, there is a TV show on the
History channel called American Pickers. A show
about two guys who travel across America in search
of rare artifacts and national treasures that they
can buy from the collectors they visit. I’m not
saying that I’m looking for rare artifacts or
national treasures although it would be nice to

I was driving to the beach the other day, and I
saw a garage sale I immediately pulled over to see
what I could find. The lady had 6 teak chairs that
I fell in love with. Unfortunately, my car can
only hold 2 of them. We exchanged names and phone
numbers so I could pick them up the next day.

As I walked to the car, her friend shouted, “You
are Dr. Wu aren’t you?” I turned around to see who
it was and although I didn’t have a clue but she
apparently knew me. We chatted for a while and she
recognized me from a health seminar I took 6 years
ago in Miami Beach. She had a great a memory. She
was one of the promoters at the event.

Soon after that one of her girlfriends and her
daughter showed up at the garage sale. The little
girl looked about 12 years old. I was talking to
her mother and found out she was suffering with
health problems for the last 3 years and although
she was a battery of tests nothing has shown up
and the doctors have told her that they couldn’t
find anything wrong and it was all in her head.
They told the family that there was nothing they
can do. When a doctor tells you that there is
nothing that they can do, it usually means that he
doesn’t have a clue on how to treat you. I asked
the mother if I can take a look at her daughter
and I found that her pulses were low especially
the Earth element (stomach and spleen). The Earth
element feeds all the other elements fire, water,
wood and metal which affects the heart the kidney
the liver and lungs. We talked for a while and I’m
sure that we would be able to get to the bottom of
her health issues. Sometimes you are in the right
place at the right time to be able to help
someone, I believe it’s divine province that makes
situations like this happen.

At least a few times a week I have patients come
in my office who are sick and tired and
traditional medicine does not address the
problems. Right after Thanksgiving they will be
coming in to explore how alternative medicine and
internal exercises can change ones health picture

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr .Wu Dhi

P.S.- I asked the teenager what she ate regularly
and she said just the usual stuff hamburgers,
hotdogs, French fries and pizza. We will
definitely be addressing her diet along with

P.S.S.- If you or one of your loved ones had
health issues and have tried everything call my
office at 305 407 0120 and make a future
appointment today.

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