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Building Jing at the Perez Museum


imagesLast week I was invited to an awesome place, the
Perez museum designed by Pritzker Prize- in
downtown Miami by one of my patients. The exhibit
was called the Caribbean-crossroads-world. It was
amazing- two centuries of rarely seen works—from
paintings and sculptures to prints, photographs,
films and videos from all over the Caribbean.

I got there at 6’ O clock and stayed until
closing, I could have spent the entire day,
there’s a lot to see and the architecture of
building is gorgeous.
Whenever I go to a museum I always have two
purposes. One is to see the art and bask in the
creativity and my other reason is for my personal
meditation and growth.

They say that our creativity comes from the second
chakra – the sex chakra. The Sanskrit name for
the 2nd chakra is “Svadhisthana.” This word means,
“dwelling place of the Self.” The 2nd chakra is
located in the lower abdomen, about an inch below
the navel about the same place as the lower
dantain. It’s associated with creativity and
reproduction. It also governs emotional and
sensual aspects of our lives.

In Chinese Medicine the kidneys rule our sexual
energy; the primary function is storing and
controlling ‘essence’, or jing. Jing is the
essence of Qi and the basis for body, matter and
functional activities. There are two types of
Jing, congenital jing and acquired jing, which are
stored in the kidney and known as kidney jing. The
function of jing is to promote growth, development
and reproduction, as well as to provide the basis
for kidney Qi, produce marrow and provide the
basis for Jing, Qi and Shen.

This is the key to longevity. We can build our
jing and stay young or overindulge in sex, drugs
and food and weaken the jing and age prematurely.
In Dr. Wu Dhi’s Sexual Program you will learn how
to build the jing and keep your sexual energy
strong, healthy and powerful.

Stay young, healthy and sexually powerful
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


Dr. Wu Dhi

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