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What Does It Mean To Be Intuitive?


What Does It Mean To Be Intuitive?

Intuition is a noun whose definition means that
someone uses quick understanding to interpret but
without using reasoning or perception, a snap
judgment. The definition of the word comes from
the Latin roots “in” meaning “at” or “on”, and
“tueri” meaning “look at, watch over.”

You often hear about a woman’s intuition, but not
very much about a man’s intuition. And yet, men
are intuitive in sports, business and the stock
market. A clever man can get out of trouble, but
an intuitive one doesn’t get into trouble in the
first place. Intuition is more powerful than
intellect. Pretty much, everyone has experienced a
gut feeling — that unconscious reasoning that
propels us to do something without telling us why
or how. But, the nature of intuition has baffled
man for eons. What is being intuitive, anyway? It
is knowing that you know something without ever
having any idea why you know it. It’s different
from thinking or logic. It’s a knowing without

We all have intuition, whether we’re aware of it
or not, and one can build their intuitive mind.
Intuition isn’t just a bunch of nonsense about our
“Spidey sense.” Those of us who are intuitive
people listen to and observe, rather than ignore,
the guidance of their gut feelings. If you want to
get in touch with your intuition, it’s high time
that you learned how to just be. Meditation is one
of the keys to open up your intuition. In fact, it
can also help you to connect to your deepest inner
wisdom. Creative people are highly intuitive, and
intuitive people are highly creative. Meditation
is a mindfulness practice that will calm you down,
open up internal centers and increase your
creativity. It’s an excellent way to get in touch
with your inner self and your intuitive power.

Here’s a good way to increase your intuition and
1. Make note when any coincidences happen, déjà
vu, or any seemly odd things happen around you.
2. Pay attention to your dreams, your mind’s
unconscious thinking processes.
3. Begin a regular meditation practice.
4. Listen to and trust your gut feelings. Tune
into your body and pay attention to your “gut
5. Build your second attention.

On the spiritual realm, cultivating the extra
attention is the cultivation of awareness.
Spiritual awareness is the process by which we
begin to explore our own being in order to become
whole, and reunite our spirits with our physical
bodies in a commonality of purpose. You might say
that developing of the extra attention is likened
to moving from a raft all the way up to a yacht.
Your goal would be to first develop the extra
attention, and then to be able to hold the extra
attention in your entire body. Here is a simple
exercise to begin to develop your second

• Place your attention on your less dominant hand,
and feel what’s going on. It may become warm,
heavier, or you may feel a tingling sensation.
Just notice it and observe. Make no judgments.
This is an exercise in observing.
• As you go through your day, as many times as you
can remember, place your attention on your hand
even when doing other tasks. In a short time, you
will start to develop the second attention. And
even when you are dreaming, try to remember to
place your attention on your hand. This practice
will keep you lucid in your dreams and will
decently open up your awareness in the wake state.

Want to find out more about developing more
awareness and opening up your consciousness? I am
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I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and
Dr. Wu Dhi



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