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Protecting yourself from spirit invasion


Protecting yourself from spirit invasion

There are Studies that shown that roughly 45 % of
Americans believe in ghosts with 18 % of those
claim they’ve actually seen a ghost or at least
they thought it was a ghost as they simply can’t
be explained any other way.
For most of us, spirit encounters are casual and
are usually brushed off as something strange and
unexplainable. But in Medical Qi Gong, Taoist,
Buddhism and Judeo-Christian esoteric studies
spirits are very real and there are many rituals
to protect you from them. Sometimes these spirits
are malevolent or even worse.

I see patients daily who are out of balance and
its not all physical based. A spirit invasion can
linger for years and drain your energy and make
you sick, irritable and not feel like yourself at


When a person has a blocked energy field they may
be depressed, tired all the time, or they can’t
stop talking or stop laughing and they can turn
from being happy to tears in a matter of moments.
Their life is upside down and if they see a
psychiatrist for help most likely they will be
medicated. There are over 450 different
definitions of mental disorders and many of these
problems are only addressed with medication and
that’s not a cure, only a bandage.

Many of these problems are either spirit or
demonic possession and the doctors know very
little if anything about demons, spirits, ghosts
or anything that is remotely related to that kind
of stuff.


If one has an imbalance mentally, physically, or
spiritually it will cause dis-ease in body, mind
and spirit and can drain the life out of a person
and keep them addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex or
to stay in an abusive relationship. I believe
that once an entity enters your energy field it
will do all it can to try and direct your life to
gain power over you ,keeping you addicted and or

I have been a student of Tibetan Buddhism and
Taoism for many years and each of these traditions
have many stories of both spirit and demonic
possession. Even those of you that don’t believe
in any of this stuff or are afraid to look at it
because of you’re religious believes.It still

People have been using a multitude of things to
ward off evil spirits as long as man existed.
Everything from gemstones to totem poles, holy
water, burning sage, incense, balls of garlic hung
on their doors animal sacrifices and prayer.
This time of the year people drink more, drug
more and are more vulnerable to depression,
sadness, loneliness and they open the door to
letting in unwanted negative energy in or worse.

I have been working with people daily to clear
their aura, chakra balancing and removing layers
of unwanted harmful energy. Ghosts and bad
spirits tend to stay away from people with clean
auras but one needs to know how to protect their

selves from uninvited sources.

I teach people how to protect themselves
from attracting negative energy as well as keeping
their house and office free from psychic vampires
or just negative energy.
It’s best to never let the negative forces ever
enter your space, but it happens now and then.

Stay clean and clear invite the white light in and
if you have been slimed call my office for a
Medical Qi Gong treatment today 305-407-0120.


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. A Treatments can be done in person or
remotely call Julia and set up an appointment



Dr. Wu Dhi

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