How your life can be turned around in a split second

It was many years ago when I left my home in
Michigan and moved to Telluride, Colorado, high
San Miguel Mountains at 8945 feet above sea level.
Telluride sits in a box canyon surrounded with
Steep forested mountains and cliffs and Bridal
Veil Falls at the head of the canyon. It is truly
one of the most beautiful and magical places in
the United States; this is where Nikola Tesla, the
inventor light up the mining town with the first
DC electricity.

Is the Spirit Word really real?

n the west we haven’t put too much attention on
the spirit world, although if you have been
watching TV lately there seems to be a lot of
interest in ghosts, sprits and that kind of
phenomena. We actually encounter spirits daily,
in the form of emotional upsets.

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