The Importance of Responding

There is a system of so-called rivers running
through our bodies called meridians. Each meridian
affects the energy flowing through our organs; As
long as the rivers of energy are flowing properly
you are disease free. But if there is a blockage
of energy mentally, physically, emotionally or
spiritually there is a dis-ease in the energy

Building Power

Lately we been hearing and seeing a lot of mixed
marshal arts, including “The ultimate fighting
championship” made popular by the Gracie brothers.
Although it is a ruff sport the athletes who are
fighting are in top condition- mentally,
physically and hopefully spiritually. Some may
find it violent but I don’t I get energy from watching the sport.

The true nature of Health, Wealth and Happiness

If you have your health and acquire wealth this is
a great formula for happiness. When I refer to
wealth it includes many aspects in your life,
your carrier, your relationships,family your income,
your spiritual growth where you travel and who you associate with.
As well as what projects you are working on and completing,
how you care for yourself and all this will bring
you success.

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