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Time To Change To The Fall Diet


Time To Change To The Fall Diet

We are moving into the Autumn season. This is the
time to make some changes in your diet and
exercise. We always want to make these changes as
the seasons change to prepare our body and mind
for the following season. This will keep you
healthy and ward off colds and flu. Listen up!
Fall is ruled by the Metal element. It is the time
for harvest, a time to pull inward and gather
together your food, fuel, and warm clothing
together. Soon, the stillness of winter will be
here. The dryness of Fall can affect your lungs
and large intestine. The emotions are valor and
courageousness. It is a time to move forward on
things. Be careful not to slip into sadness and
grief, the negative side of the Metal element.
Start adding more sour-flavored foods, like
sourdough bread, sauerkraut, olives, pickles,
leeks, vinegar, lemons, limes grapefruit as well
as plums and grapes, in to your diet. I pull out
the crockpot to start cooking my food at low heat
and for a much longer time. Fall is dry and it
affects the lungs. To counter the dryness, you
will want to put food that moistens in your daily
routine, such as tofu, tempeh, black and white
fungus, nuts, honey and eggs. The dryness is
frequently a result of yin deficiency.

In South Florida, our fall and winter are mild. It
is the time to plant my incredible Feng Shui
garden. This is no ordinary garden as it
incorporates the teachings of the Magic Square,
the ancient art of Feng Shui and the internal
workings of Qi Gong. This type of garden yields
more than just food work. It packs a punch of Qi
into every bite of the food. The internal Qi Gong
works the terrain to cultivate and activate
powerful fuel for our system. It increases the Qi
of the land and food, provides additional
nutrition and superior taste, and produces more
yin foods. Over the next few weeks, I will be
doing the planting and, in a month, the Feng Shui
garden will be producing food until next May. I
will be sharing the how-to’s of the special
gardening with the Qi Gong Inner Circle members.
If you have not become a member yet, here is how
to join in the group

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and


Dr. Wu Dhi


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