The Flu Shot Myth

If you want to
avoid colds and flu’s forever, you need to work on
your immune system. The cold and flu season is
here. It’s time to boost your immune system
naturally to stay healthy and strong throughout
the season.

Is your Cholesterol too high?

You would think that all cholesterol is the same
and that all cholesterol is bad – some people
believe that the lower their cholesterol levels,
the better. This is just not true. Cholesterol has
several important functions in the body, and a
careful balance must be maintained for good health

How to Stay Thin

If you really want to lose weight and keep it off
it’s easy if you are willing to make a life style
change. But if you are not about to change your
eating habits you may just be on the yoyo program
where you loose a few pounds and gain them right

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