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How To Energize Your Vitamins To Be More Powerful


How To Energize Your Vitamins To Be More Powerful

I take supplements daily and eat a healthy diet,
but there is a secret that I learned to make your
supplements more powerful, and it will not cost
you even an extra penny.


Before you take any medicine, herb, homeopathic or
vitamin, you can energize it to give you the
maximum healing benefit. This can increase your
healing process by at least ten-fold. How many
times have you said or heard this? This medicine
is killing me… I hate taking this stuff… I think
this is making me sicker than I was in the first
place… If I don’t take my medicine, I will die…
These are the wrong statements to be telling

Well, wake up!

What you are saying is just like a prayer, mantra
or a negative affirmation. Your self-talk is
killing you and making your drugs and supplements
toxic and basically ineffective. You could be
putting a curse into your own body and mind and
don’t even know it. That medicine or vitamin you
are taking is following your instructions to the
T. As it goes down your tubes, along with it is
the negative program that you have also swallowed.
But, don’t worry. You can change all of that by
just taking charge of the situation and telling
your supplements and medicines where to go and
what to do.

In the Buddhist doctrines, it states the
importance of the purification of the body,
speech, and mind. Our speech to others and,
especially, what we are saying to our self are key
to our health. Back in the eighties, I was a
personal trainer and consultant for an
internationally known subliminal tape company,
Midwest Research of Michigan, which is a producer
of self-help programs and tapes. I am always
looking for techniques and products to assist my
clients and patients in making positive changes.
Most motivational speakers and books tell us that
we create our life with our thoughts but, the
truth is, we rarely choose our thoughts. Most of
what we call “thoughts” is really automatic
reactions coming from our subconscious
programming. These programs, many of which are
negative, make it difficult for us to experience
the health, happiness and success we desire and

Once the subconscious accepts a message, new
programs are created and our conscious mind learns
new responses, thoughts and behaviors as a result.
We literally talk ourselves into health or
sickness mentally, physically and emotionally.
Before you put it in your mouth, imagine what you
want the medicine to do. How do you want it to
react in your body? Give it a specific job or
assignment. Where does it need to go? What do you
want it to affect? When do you want it to start
working and for how long? Visualize your internal
healers and angles; spirit guides whatever you
believe will work as your internal healer.

I imagine a pure white light surrounding me, and
as I gulp down the medicine, I feel my body being
filled with this pure white light, moving through
every pore of my body. I then visualize the light
going into every organ, structure and muscle of my
body and, finally, the light shining and radiating
out every pore of my skin. I see light streaming
out of my body in all directions – North, South,
East, and West – into the entire universe. The
energy of the medicine vibrates radiant health to
all parts of my body mind and spirit. The most
effective blessing or prayer will depend on your
spiritual background. It can be as simple as “I
bless this medicine to go to the
right organ or system to heal my body, speech and
mind,” or a more traditional prayer or mantra that
you know, or practice can be incredibly effective.
The medicine becomes so powerful after you
potentiate it can heal anything it meets. It is so
powerful that it instantly heals all diseases of
the mind and body.

“Unless you change how you are, you will always
have what you’ve got.”

Make some changes today for your good health.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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