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Cold? Energy Down? This will Fix it!


Cold? Energy Down? This will Fix it!

Jerry called me today and asked if I’d send his
the recipe for the winter stew that I shared a few
years ago. I told his I’d look for it and let him
know as soon as I find it.
This winter has been especially cold with huge
snow and ice storms across the country and a nice
hot stew will help to keep you warm and your
kidneys tonified.

In the Five Element theory, the water sign is the
ruler of both the kidneys and urinary bladder. The
season is winter and now it looks like we are
being hit with another Arctic blast in the USA. I
have a lot of friends that live up North and,
whenever I call, the first thing they say is it’s
really, really cold. When old man winter is in
town, you have to be prepared both inside and out.

Grab your hat and coat baby, because it’s cold
As for us in sunny Florida, things aren’t as
intense but, whenever it drops down to 40 degrees,
it’s cold! You also have to be prepared internally
and, although most of my diet is green
plant-based; I know when my body needs warming
foods. Lamb is very warming meat and will take the
chill right out of your body. So, I made a large
pot of “Eluv’s Greek Lamb delight”. This is one of
my favorite recipes. I use a crock-pot and let it
cook for 6 to 8 hours on a low setting.

Here’s how to make the dish…

Go to the grocery store and pick up these things:
• 2 lbs. lamb meat
• 1 head garlic
• 1 kohlrabi, cubed (high in potassium)
• Rosemary, fresh (has astringent, diaphoretic,
and stimulant properties)
• Burdock root (high in minerals and a good
source of iron and essential oils)
• Lotus root (provides minerals like copper, iron,
zinc, magnesium, and manganese)
• 1cup carrots, sliced
• 2 red potatoes (potassium for energy)
• 2 turnips, cubed (rich in vitamin C)
• 2 cups fresh okra (rich in vitamin A and
flavonoid anti-oxidants)
• 2 cups Shou wu chih (tonifies, warms and
invigorates blood, nourishes the liver, kidneys,
and tendons, strengthens the bones)
*you can getit at any Chinese market
• ½ cup Bragg’s liquid amino
• 2 teaspoon olive oil
• Sea salt to taste
• A little cayenne red pepper to spark it up (it’s
filled with vitamin A, E, B6, C K and manganese)
• ½ gallon purified water

Cooking instructions:

1. Brown the meat with ½ of garlic in a stainless
steel or iron pan.
2. In your crock pot, add water about ½ gallons
and put the meat in and cook until meat is nearly
done (can take 1 to 2 hours to cook).
3. Add a sprig of fresh organic rosemary.
4. Add peeled Burdock root sliced thinly.
5. Add turnip and kohlrabi. They cook at about the
same time.
6. Add potatoes & lotus root.
7. Add 2 cups Shou wu chih.
8. Add the other ½ ball of the garlic.
9. Prepare okra by cutting into ½ slices.
10. Add brags at end, sea salt, cayenne and olive
This recipe will keep you warm and give you lots
of energy
and plenty of vitamins and minerals. I only use
organic vegetables and buy lamb that is both
hormone- and antibiotic-free.

Exercise is also very important at this time of
the year and I make sure that I do the Recharging
Qi Gong exercises every morning. It keeps the Qi
moving, invigorates the blood, and keeps your
joints pain-free.

300-600 Woman

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. If you are a vegetarian, replace the lamb
with chunks of soy nuggets (tofu). Brown first
just as you would brown meat to add deep and rich
flavor. Browning the tofu first makes the nuggets
chewier, giving them a very meat-like texture
that’s often hard to replicate in vegan
substitutes. If you look in the cooler section,
there are usually meat substitutes that work just


Dr. Wu Dhi

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