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A Great Opportunity if you live in Florida

A Great Opportunity if you live in Florida


I have some wonderful news, as an additional
incentive to help your friends and family, we will
offer you a bonus $250 worth of treatments for any
new referral accident case.

In a letter that I emailed last week I mentioned
joint cooperation with Dr. Andrew Sands at Whole
Health and Wellness Center. In case you forgot
here is a reminder, of what we sent out.

“ Have you ever been injured in a auto accident?”

I know we hear it everyday on the radio and on TV
people call 800 numbers and the attorney refers
you to a factory run doctors office. They push you
through and at the end, you still have pain. There
is something wrong with this picture.

You get treatments for months at a time and after
the money runs out, you are still left with pain
in the neck or back troubles for years. That
sucks! I see people daily who have been treated by
a factory type doctors and then it’s up to you to
heal on your own. I have been working with Dr.
Andrew Sands for the last 12 years. He is a
chiropractor extraordinaire.

We were talking the other day about how many people come into our
office with problems either their health or they
were involved in an auto accident. When you get
into an automobile accident the body has a
tendency to go into shock and disorganize your
entire system. Many times it affects the neck and
the back, but there are many underlined
complications that affect your mental emotional
well being. Many people are afraid to drive for
months after the crash. I found that there are
many more complications. The digestive system gets
thrown out of whack so does the respiratory
system. The lungs and large intestines have to do
with sadness and grief, it can even spiral a
patient into depression for months at a time. What
we have found is the treatment of chiropractic
when combined with acupuncture makes a huge
difference in patient’s overall health.

We will be accepting accident cases in
combination with chiropractic care this is the
best formula

to heal your body ,mind and spirit Call Julie at

305- 407- 0120 and set up your consultation if you
have been involved in an automobile accident. It
makes no difference if you were the driver or

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. If you were recently involved in an
automobile accident whether it was your fault or
not contact us today at 305 407 0120 and we will
fill you in with detailed information.

*Of course the state always rules and regulations
that we have to follow.

Accident has to be within 14 days of date of
Your insurance has to be active on the day of the
accident occurred.


Dr. Wu Dhi

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