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Your Body Clock


Your Body Clock

One of the most important factors in Chinese
medicine is to acknowledge
and understand the 24hour clock.
There are twelve meridians that run throughout
The body carrying Qi to every part
of our body and mind, they are like rivers of
energy running throughout
the body.
Each meridian has a peak time and a low time. If
we live in flow and harmony
with our body clock, our health and wellness is
consistently good.

The time of day your symptoms manifest, indicates
where the energy problem originates and the
responsible for the problem.

Qi moves through each meridian every two hours
beginning with the lungs at 3 to 5am. During
those two hours of focus, the
meridian and its corresponding organ works to
invite and activate optimal
performance, maintenance and repair
if needed, providing release of stagnation or
blockages.The body clock is nature’s way of
guiding your health.

Each organ represents specific actions and
functions mentally and physically. Our internal
clock directs us as to what time is best to eat,
to sleep,
to work, to engage in physical activity, to
study, to create, to travel ,and to
make love.

As you get more in alignment with the natural time
clock of your body your health
and well being will improve greatly.
I see patients who work the
night shift and their balance of Yin and Yang is
a mess. They are up when the natural cycle is to
and they eat at the wrong times causing problems
their digestion as well.
When you work all night there is a whole slew of
diseases that can affect your immune system
The good news is as soon
as you get back in alignment with the natural
cycle your body
will recover quickly.

From 7-9am is when our stomach system is most
active making it a good time for breakfast.
Your liver is most active between 1-3
am, which is a common time for
people to wake with liver related insomnia issues.
The kidney system, which is the root of our
overall energy, is most active between
5-7pm a good time for exercise. The pericardium
system is most active from 7-9pm which is a
the best time to start relaxing and unwinding
from the day.

In Chinese medicine the meridian clock is very
helpful to diagnose and treat various issues.
I have been using the Meridian
clock for years to help diagnose
my patients and in my personal life to keep my
immune system healthy and strong.

Call our office today 305-407-0120 and set up an
appointment to realign
your meridians clock and feel great.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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