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What Happens When Your Doctor Doesn’t Know What To Do?


What Happens When Your Doctor Doesn’t Know What To Do?


Last week, a lady came in to my office. When we
started to talk, she broke down in tears. After
she composed herself, she told me that she was on
the beach in Aruba with her family and, after a
few days, her head started to itch and had bumps
on it. At first, she thought it might just be
mosquito bites until it got worse. When she got
back to the USA, she saw her doctor and he had no
idea what it was. For the last three weeks, her
scalp had been itching and she swears there is
something alive under her skin. Then, she went to
the University of Miami’s Infectious Disease
Department. Again, they found absolutely nothing.

I see patients like this all the time. They go to
their doctor, he refers them to a specialist
because he can’t find anything wrong, they run a
battery of tests, and they all come back negative,
and then the specialist step in and they can’t
find anything either. So, the doc sends them in
for a psychological evaluation. The patient knows
that something is wrong, and it’s not in their
head. That’s when they end up in my office, hoping
that there is a cure.

When a person has a problem physically, mentally
or spiritually, and the medical community can’t
find it, it’s not that it doesn’t exist. The
doctors just don’t know how to diagnose or treat
it. I hear this all the time from patients, “My
doctor said there is nothing that can be done!”
What the doctor really wanted to say is there is
nothing that I can do for you. In the West, our
medical system is exclusive rather than inclusive.
It doesn’t include all the other possibilities.
Which makes our system limited, and the patient
suffers. In the USA, if people don’t get cut,
burned or medicated, they say it is not standard
protocol. They leave out 80% of the healing
modalities of the world. It’s sad! That’s when
patients show up in my clinic seeking for a cure,
and we look for the root of the problem.

I have a doctor fly in from California every three
months to check all my patients using a system
that is used in Europe to find out where the
hidden imbalances are. We have turned up things
that are hidden to most traditional doctors. The
test is called Computer Regulation Thermography
(CRT). Dr. Carola Cuenca, a well-seasoned
Homeopathic doctor from Santa Cruz, California,
will be testing patients using CRT. She
specializes in CRT for over twenty years. It is a
tool used to get a functional picture of all the
organ systems in the body, measuring many
different points on the skin which correspond to
specific internal organs and tissues. Thermography
has been used in Europe for more than thirty years
and has recently been computerized to make
interpretation easier and more accurate.

You may be wondering why CRT is important for you
and your family.

Regulation thermography is effective in the early
detection of many physical imbalances and diseases
and it also determines the source of ill health.
CRT can discover possible sources of chronic
diseases and infections. Breast, ovarian, and
prostate health can also be assessed. Possible
cardiovascular, stomach, liver, pancreas, and
gallbladder problems can be detected using the
CRT. Unknown causes of infection and inflammation,
allergic or toxic reactions to food, the presence
of intestinal mycosis or dysbiosis, and possible
correlations between dental health and disease can
all be determined. CRT can estimate your overall

Symptoms are just the warning signs to let us know
it is time to change. If you or a loved one is
suffering from a minor or chronic problem, call my
clinic today at 305-407-0120. Together, we can
unravel your blockages and get you on a program
for your optimum health and longevity. We will be
offering appointments in Florida from August 7
thru August 11.

You can view her site, or

follow her on instagram at @BalanceIntoHealth

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. The test will give us insights into your
health and wellness. Do not delay. Call today

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