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Death Will Wake You Up Quickly


Death Will Wake You Up Quickly

You may have wondered why I haven’t been

writing to you as regularly as usual. It’s not that
I got lazy or got too busy, as sure didn’t forget
about you. Let me tell you what happened.

A few weeks ago, I had a treatment and my body
reacted to it negatively. I found it quite strange
as I had treatments like this on many occasions
and never had a problem. The treatment gave me a
stomachache almost immediately, but I didn’t
too much attention to it as we all get
stomachaches now and then. I just blew it off and
went to dinner. The next morning, I woke up with
an even worse pain, which seemed really strange to
me. I noticed I was quite bloated, so I decided
to go the Emergency Room (ER) and have things
checked. They drew some blood and found that my
kidneys were compromised, and I should see a
nephrologist, a kidney doctor. I called a friend
who teaches nephrology at a medical school in
Miami, and we planned to meet on Monday morning to
take a look. Early that morning, I received a call
from him, and he recommended that I get more blood
work and we can connect on Tuesday. Later that
day, I stopped by the ER. They were so busy I
couldn’t be seen for two hours, and I was
in pain. So, I called a friend who is a doctor
working at the ER in South Beach, and he said,
“Drive over and I’ll get you in and
out in an
hour.” It’s good to have doctor

They drew my blood again and, as soon as they saw
the results, they kept me for six days of intense
IV treatments. It was my first time in the
hospital as a patient. Let me tell you, it’s
last place you ever want to be. The hospital
a place to get healthy, but they kept me alive.
Lucky I was healthy enough to pull through without
too many scars and no permanent damage. Thank God
for my meditation practices and Qi gong work. I
was able to turn a very bad experience into a
six-day meditation and internal
exercise-intensive. As they filled me up with
fluids to clean my kidneys and liver, I visualized
health. Openness, strength and white light
surrounded me. This time, I dodged a big bullet
and I am grateful for the doctors and nurses that
took excellent care of me. I have been home for
around two weeks now and recovering quickly. Of
course, I am training daily and back to writing
and getting healthier, stronger and more grateful
for life.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S. I will teach you how to train in a way that
will change your life mentally, emotionally, and
spiritually. It doesn’t matter where you are
the path. Once you learn these techniques, it will
make no difference what the universe hands you.
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