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Big Green Monster

Big Green Monster


Last weekend, I was in the backyard and the
temperature in South Florida was still hot and
steamy. I thought it would start to cool off a
little by now. Even if some don’t believe in
global warming, it has been heating up more than
normal and there are more intense storms.

After the last hurricane, I had trees and branches
cluttering the space where I plant my winter Feng
Shui garden. I planted on the last New Moon, and
everything is growing well. In a month or two, I
will be eating organic veggies fresh out of the
garden. It seems like I have a new guest watching
those young plants grow. A big, green iguana has
been keeping an eye on all those green tenders. I
have not decided what to do about this little
dragon, but his fate will depend on whether he is
just taking a bite here and there, or he is
greedy. If the latter, I will set a trap for my
green friend and relocate him a few miles away. I
thought that iguanas ate bugs and they do, but
their diet is mostly green, leafy vegetables like
kale, collard greens, escarole, turnip tops, beet
greens, mustard greens, dandelions, Chinese
cabbage (bok choy), Swiss chard, hibiscus flowers,
endive, sprouts, arugula, pea pods, and
watercress. It just so happens that is everything
I planted. He is a newcomer to my organic Feng
Shui garden. I have not seen him before. He did
not visit the last few years, but this year’s
mango crop was awesome, and he showed up for the
sweet fruit in June, and never left.

Whenever you see anything in your life that is out
of the ordinary, you can use it as a sign just
like getting a psychic reading from the universe.
Everything means something, you just have to be
aware of things and awake enough to know how to
read the signs. I looked up what the iguana totem
symbolizes to see if I could get a little insight.
Here is what I found about the iguana on an
esoteric leaf:

Some Southwest Indian tribes believe lizards like
iguanas can cure the sick by asking for the
lizard’s strength in song and chant showing their
respect to the animal. The psychic characteristics
inherent in the lizard teach those with this
medicine how to awaken their own abilities by
making choices that honor every part of one’s
life. When a lizard appears, it signifies a need
to go within and analyze your present reality.
Once done, move with confidence and conviction out
into the world of new beginnings. Within the human
collective consciousness, lizards are archetypes
of adaptation, variation, flexibility, shrewdness,
quickness, and introversion. They are flexible and
adaptive to their environment, and the human
psyche translates this as being symbolic of going
with the flow and overcoming external conditions.
These gifts of illusion are symbolic messages
that, within us (as children of nature ourselves),
we have impressive gifts we may utilize for our
well-being. The lizard comes with a message about
our responsibility to recognize these hidden gifts
and skills, so that we may avoid harm and live
freely and happily as we are designed to live. One
of the most interesting characteristics of the
lizard is their ability to break off their tails
to escape predators. The tail is left behind
writhing to distract the predator while the lizard
makes its escape. They can do this only once,
however, since the replacement tail they grow is
made of cartilage instead of vertebrae.

Whenever something comes into our life, no matter
if it is from the animal, plant or mineral
kingdom, it is there to teach us something. Yes,
everything is here for us to learn. That is why, I
have put together many different teachings of Qi
Gong, Nei Gong and Shen Gong to guide us on the
path of wisdom. Want more? Join the Qi Gong Inner
Circle and accelerate your learning and growth.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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