They are Dying to see Me

ife is precious, don’t waste it. When we take
birth in human form, it is a gift. Never send the
gift back unopened. Open up to a healthy,
productive, and happy life. Learn how to take care
of your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

The Gift that saved My Life

Guan Yin is the patron of Bodhisattva of Putuo Shan, mistress of the Southern Sea. As such, she is shown crossing the sea seated or standing on a lotus or on the head of a dragon. The dragon is an ancient symbol for high spirituality, wisdom, strength, and divine powers of transformation.

How to Use the Spring Wood Element Energy

Springtime is associated with the element,
Wood. In the Five-Element Theory, the Wood element
represents the Liver and the Gallbladder. The
Liver function is called the Official of Strategic
Planning, the grand architect for our vision of
the future; this official sees the directions we
must take to live our lives in harmony with the

Creating A Sacred Space

When you are going to create your own sacred
space, look for a quiet place in your home or in
nature, preferably away from well-traveled areas
where there isn’t too much traffic, away from
noise pollution as well as air pollution.

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