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Dancing with Grace

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

In 2009 I received a call from a woman who seemed
to be in desperate need of speaking to me. Said
told me this, “My niece referred me to you and I
have some personal matters that I need to discuss
with you, can you come to my hotel today? It’s
very urgent” I never had a call like that before
and although I found it quite strange, it
intrigued me. I agreed to meet her at the Mandarin
Oriental hotel Miami Beach. It was a 45-minute
drive from my office and I was amazed when I
walked into the lobby. It is a beach chic
laid-back luxury hotel with an exotic Asian flair,
beautiful Zen bamboo gardens and trickling water
fountains overlooking the bay.

It’s really elegant beauty at its finest.
I announced myself and was sent up to her suite,
anxious to hear what this personal matter was.
Well it wasn’t good news. The woman was diagnosed
with cancer and was about to start chemo and
radiation treatments and wanted me to come to the
hotel 3 days a week to treat her with Medical Qi
Gong, acupuncture, neural therapy and any other
thing I could think of that would help her through
this ordeal.

I usually don’t make it a practice of doing house
calls, but she wasn’t from Miami and was about to
go through the treatments by herself. Not only is
that scary, it’s darn lonely when there is no
support group around to help emotionally or just
to be there. Sure she had a beautiful space to
stay and an entire hotel staff to cater to her
needs but no one to share her fears. She touched
me with her story and I decided to spend a
considerable amount of time over the next 4 months
working with her. This was a heart-felt connection
and as she went through the treatments I had my
first experience of going through the western
treatments for cancer. It was truly an emotional
gut wrenching experience, the weight loss, the
hair loss, she was not able to do simple tasks and
the emotional trauma of passing close to death is
quite a challenging and a traumatic experience.
One couldn’t help to feel her pain, worries and

She was one of the lucky ones who beat the death
sentence. My treatments helped to boost her immune
system and relieve the pain, fear and help to pull
her through a fight for life.
Here are a few of the suggestions to help keep you

1.Make your environment as beautiful as you
2.Listen to peaceful music
3.Eat an alkaline diet
4.Drink at least 4 to 6 8oz. glasses of clean
room temperature water a day
5.Get fresh air daily and sunlight
6.No TV or be very selective, read positive
7.No negative news, gossip or others problems
of others
8.No visitors who are not positive
9.Get your body Ph. balanced to alkaline
10.No sugar, coffee, wine, caffeine
11.Get acupuncture at least 1 time a week 3 or
4 times a week is even better
12.Get Medical Qi Gone a few times a week
13.Get neural therapy and Vitamin C IV’s a few
times a week
14.Avoid red meat, chicken, farm raised fish
and all shellfish and pork
15.Eat organic foods, drink veggie juice
16.Avoid over-the- counter medicine
17.Avoid cleaning products
18.Make a list of all the things you are
grateful for
19.Forgive everyone for anything they ever did
to you
21.Walk daily

This is the program she was on and followed to a
I wouldn’t say this is a cure but it can give your
body, mind and spirit a much better fighting
chance to recover and have a quality life.
Last weekend was 5 years after her treatment and I
am more than delighted to report that we had
dinner and danced the night away to the
celebration of life.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


If you are going through a health trauma let me
know and I’d be more than happy to suggest an
alternative that will dovetail with your

The beauty of Computer Regulation Thermography

Friday, July 12th, 2013

The beauty of Computer Regulation Thermography

Dr. Cuenca from Santa Cruz, California will be in
Miami again on July 25th for a week to test
patients with the CRT (Thermography) to determine
if there are any under functioning, over
functioning or blockages held in the body. I have
had this test numerous of times over the years and
it gives a picture of your health long before any
symptoms show up.
I recommend it highly.
By the time you are getting symptoms the dis-ease
is well rooted in your body and much harder to
The beauty of images-1is
that you can find hidden blockages 6 months to 1
year before symptoms show up. This test is used in
most clinics in Europe and the treatments used are
with Homeopathic remedies, herbs, neural therapy
and diet to keep you healthy and dis-ease free.
Thermographic reads 119 body points taken with a
very sensitive, non-invasive, and radiation-free
sensor. Measuring the lymphatic & endocrine
systems, breasts, teeth, major organs, and more.

When there are disease processes in a human body,
the body’s organs respond differently to stress. A
physiological response from these stressed organs,
called the visceral cutaneous reflex, makes
detection possible by way of distinguishing
differences in skin temperature with thermography.

As with any thermographic device, temperatures out
of normal range can indicate areas of potential
concern and then be treated and brought back to
internal stability or homeostasis with natural
drug-free treatments.

Begin your journey into a younger, healthier,
vibrant you and contact my office and schedule an
appointment for the testing and treatments.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr Wu Dhi

Your Body needs a Spring Cleaning

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

I am expecting Dr. Cuenca from Santa Cruz
California to be in my office on April 4th for a
few days to test patients and determine where the
blockages are held in the body. I have had this
test numerous times over the years and it gives
you a picture of your health long before any
symptoms show up.

By the time you are getting symptoms the dis-ease
is well rooted in your body and much harder to
The beauty of images-1is
that you can find hidden blockages and treat it
6 months to a year before anything shows up.

CRT is a test is used in most clinics in Europe and is then
treated naturally with homeopathic, herbs, neural therapy and diet
to keep healthy and dis-ease free.

Dr. Cuenca forwarded this spring cleaning for me
to share with you.

Are you suddenly having the urge to organize the
closets, start a new project, or begin a cleanse?
If so, you are in alignment with the energy of
Spring. It’s the time for spring cleaning out
your closets and detox your liver, too!
During this time of year, the body naturally
begins cleansing itself from excess oils, fats,
salt, carbohydrates, and animal proteins by
releasing a flu or cold. Some may suffer
mysterious bodily aches and pains, and don’t
understand why. This is the liver’s way of
releasing toxins and cleaning house.

We can aid our liver through this natural
cleansing process by eating lightly prepared
meals, less food overall, eliminating animal
products for a specific period of time, and/or
fasting from food entirely.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the spring
correlates with the Liver and Gallbladder
meridians. Fasting can help relieve the pent-up
stagnation of winter (physically, emotionally and
spiritually). Spring-cleaning the body is
essential for physical and spiritual healing.
Every spring, begin to eat lighter foods (salads,
sprouts, spring soups, fish) and reduce heavy
animal proteins and fats for a few weeks. You
could follow that up with three days of The Master
Cleanser (lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne
pepper, water).

While doing the Master Cleanser, abstain from food
entirely and only drink the liquid for a short
period of time (three days). I feel that the body
and soul are pretty clear and 72 hours works
perfectly for most body systems.

Here is a partial list of what you can do to start
your “Spring Cleaning”:

Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Add ¼ tsp.
vitamin C crystals to each glass of water (it’s a
natural heavy metal toxin chelator).
Have a dark leafy vegetable salad every day
One cup of miso soup with sea vegetables the night
before you begin the cleanse
Make a liver tonic: 4 oz hawthorn berries, 2 oz
red sage (salvia), and 1 oz of cardamom seeds.
Steep 24 hours in 2 qts. Water. Add honey. Take 2
cups daily.

For the next 3 days…

On rising: take 1 lemon squeezed in water; or 2
tbsp. cider vinegar in water with 1 tsp. honey.
Breakfast: carrot-beet-cucumber juice. Add 1 tsp.
spirulina to any drink.

Mid-morning: take a green veggie drink; or an
organic green super food powder in water or
vegetable juice.

Lunch: have a glass of fresh carrot juice, or
organic apple juice, or a cup of liver tonic.

Mid-afternoon: mint or green tea.

Dinner: have another carrot juice or a mixed
vegetable juice, or hot vegetable broth

Before bed: a pineapple/papaya juice with 1 tsp.
Royal Jelly

The best detox foods for spring:
▪ Asparagus
▪ Dandelion
▪ Dark greens tender leaves
▪ Scallions
▪ Strawberries
▪ Cabbage
▪ Broccoli
▪ Leeks

Avoid “bad” fats:
Avoid trans fats and saturate fats and choose
cold pressed vegetable oils such as olive,
hempseed or flaxseed oils.

Eat what’s in season: Seasonal cooking is one of
the best way to eat fruits and vegetables at their
peak freshness, making them more delicious and
nutritious than ever.

Eat more raw food:
Raw food brings you vitamins, minerals and
precious enzymes that could otherwise be
destroyed by cooking. Eating more raw fruits and
vegetables is also a great way to detox

Go vegan:
Heavy food such as meat can be difficult to

It also creates more metabolic waste that
your body has to detox afterward. Give your body
a break by introducing more vegan and
vegetarian meals in your diet.

Drink water:
Water is the ultimate detox food. It’s probably
one of the easiest and cheapest things to do to
kick-start a healthy detox diet; drink more water.

Lemon water:
Start out the day with a half glass of warm lemon
or lime water without any sweetener. The warm
lemon/lime water stimulates a sluggish liver and
alkalizes your tissues.

Tender greens:
Spring brings bright green new shoots. It’s the
ideal time to introduce you to new delicious and
alkalizing greens. Dark leafy greens have a
milder flavor when they are young. Add baby
spinach and other young field greens for a
mineral-rich liver cleansing diet.

Milk thistle and dandelion root:
These two natural herbs are commonly used to
protect and cleanse the liver. Milk thistle is the
protector, and dandelion root is the cleanser.

Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is great for liver health. Studies have
shown large quantities of vitamin C flush out
fats and repair liver damage.

B complex:
All the B’s are helpful, especially B12, which
has been used to help hepatitis patients.

Avoid or minimize alcohol and all over the
counter and prescribed pain suppressant drugs
containing acetaminophen, a known liver toxin.

This toxic world stresses our livers. Restoring a
tired liver and maintaining its healthy cleansing
functions are vital for overall health.

If you would like to begin your journey into a
younger you contact my office and schedule an
appointment for the testing and treatments.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr Wu Dhi

If you haven’t been tested yet, call me today 305-407-0120 and
discover your anti-aging program today.

Dr. Wu Dhi

How to End Pain and get Healthy again

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

imagesHow to end pain and get Healthy again

When a patient comes in to my office for their
initial examination, there are many factors to
consider beside just their symptoms.

We go over some critical points that some doctors
over look like:

• Do you exercise?
• Do you have a spiritual practice?
• Do you meditate or pray on a regular

• What kind of diet are you eating?
• Do you take supplements?
• Where do you live and how long have you
lived there?
• How much stress do you have?
• How is the health of your family and people
living with you?

• Have you had any operations, scars, cut
accidents or injuries?

All of these items affect our health, our moods,
and how we live our lives.
If there is a blockage of any kind it will affect
us mentally, physically, emotionally, and

I hear this all the time.
“I got X-Rays, MRI and blood work, plus tests that
I have never heard of and my doctor says there is
nothing wrong with me, but I know there is.”

Scars are one of the first things I look into.
Not only are scars unsightly and a constant
reminder of painful accidents or surgeries, they
can block the natural flow of energy and give you
a hoist of hidden symptoms.

In Chinese Medicine there are a series of rivers
of energy running through the entire body. They
are called meridians; along these pathways are the
acupuncture points. If there is a cut in one of
these meridian lines, the energy slows down or is
disrupted causing an energy blockage. It doesn’t
make a difference if you are cut in a hospital or
by a thug on the street. All your body knows is
you have been cut…

This will without a doubt cause some blockage or
dis-ease in the flow of energy. These scars can be
treated and opened up with Neural Therapy

I was blessed to learned from one of the top
German and Swiss doctors, Dr. Rau at the
Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland, and many others.

Neural Therapy involves the injection, into
various but very specific areas. Neural Therapy is
based on the theory that trauma can produce
long-standing disturbances in the electrochemical
function of tissues affected by trauma and scars.
An injection can often instantly and lastingly
resolve chronic long-standing illness and chronic

Scars tissue can create an abnormal electric
signal. In turn this signal is transmitted
throughout the rest of your body via the autonomic
nervous system. The injection into scars travel
into deeper scars through tiny tubules in the
cellular matrix to these areas of bioelectrical
disturbance for treatment.

As a result,
eliminating autonomic regulatory dysfunctions. The
autonomic nervous system is the master controller
of the body; Neural Therapy can have a profound
impact on your condition and your ability to heal.
Here are some of the interference fields that can
be affected:

• Infections
• Emotional trauma
• Physical Trauma from any type of surgery,
accidents, deep cuts, biopsies, childbirth, dental
procedures, vaccinations, burns, tattoos, etc.

A scar or infection is an interference field;
general stress from illness, malnutrition,
emotional stress, food allergies, pregnancy,
chronic bowel problems, kidney disease, prostate
and female problems, infertility and tinnitus.
Scars can cause pain and lead to other dysfunction
in the body and need to be treated. If you have a
scar anywhere on the body that is painful to the
touch, this could indicate interrupted blood flow,
or Qi.

I offer treatments like these in my office and my
patients are finding that their health is
improving by leaps and bounds.

Call and schedule an appointment today and feel
good again.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

These treatments are safe, effective and painless.
Call today and regain your most valuable asset,
Your Health!

How Neural Therapy can affect Qi and Blood flow

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Energy medicine has deep roots in acupuncture
meridian therapy. The meridians are like a series
of rivers running through the entire body. They
flow to every organ, muscle and channel of our
bodies. If there is a blockage mentally,
physically, emotionally or spiritually it will
affect the smooth flow of Qi and a blockage of
energy will surely ensue, resulting in some form
of dis-eas of body, mind or spirit. A good point
to remember is blood always follows Qi. If there
is a blocked Qi flow (Qi stagnation) you will soon
see what we call in Chinese medicine (blood

Clinical manifestations of blood Stagnation are:
• A Dull/dark complexion, purple lips, purple
• Pain that has the quality of boring in, fixed
and stabbing and may be worse at night
• Abdominal masses that do not move
• Bleeding with dark blood and dark clots
• Polycythemia – thrombotic disorders as
myocardial infarction, stroke, peripheral vascular
disease and deep vein thrombosis; an increase in
blood viscosity that leads to reduced blood flow,
splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, acne rosacea,
urticaria, leg ulcers, loss of vision
• Essential Thrombocythemia – spontaneous
bruising, epistaxis, mucosal bleeding, thrombotic
occlusion of arteries, myocardial infarction,
stroke, gangrene, intestinal infarction, splenic
• Platelet Defects – easy bruising, epistaxis,
intestinal bleeding, persistent menorrhagia,
mucous membrane bleeding in the mouth
• Vascular and Nonthrombocytopenic Purpura – easy
bruising, epistaxis, excessive bleeding after
surgery or during menstruation; result of scurvy
(Vitamin C deficiency)
• Disorders of Blood Coagulation
• Coagulation factor defects – hemarthrosis with
hotness, redness swelling and pain and muscle cuff
atrophy; compression neuropathy, cerebral
hemorrhage; intrarenal bleeding & hematuria,
intestinal bleeding and obstruction
◦ Vitamin K Deficiency- newborn hemorrhagic
disease, hemorrhage
◦ Thrombophilia – venous thrombosis,
arterial thrombosis

If there is a disturbance in the body there could
very well be a blockage in the flow of Qi and

Scars from an old injuries or operations can cause
the Qi to stagnate or be blocked, that can lead to
blood stagnation and a host of health problems.
When I was in Switzerland I had the opportunity to
spend some time at Dr. Thomas Rau’s clinic where
they have combined many of the eastern theories,
like the flow of energy in the meridians with
traditional medicine. One of the most successful
treatments that I brought back with me is neural
therapy to open up Blocked Energy Fields. (BEF)

is both an effect method of
diagnosing and treating illness and pain caused by
disturbances of the body’s electrophysiology.
(Cardiac electrophysiology is the science of
elucidating, diagnosing, and treating the
electrical activities of the heart.) These
electrical disturbances, called “Blocked Energy
Fields (BEF) are manifestations of cell membrane
instability and typically cause abnormal autonomic
nervous system responses. A blocked energy field
may be found in scars, the ganglia, teeth, or an
internal organ.

(BEF) is blocked energy that has an unbalanced
electrical potential than surrounding tissues. The
smooth flow of Qi is disturbed and dis-ease can
result in the nervous system, cause chronic pain
and dysfunction of normal systems.
A scar may cause back pain, migraine headache,
chronic stomach pain or cellular disturbances
affecting the immune system as well as sexual
When a patient comes into my office for the first
time, I examine the entire body for scars from old
injures and operations. This is an over looked key
to unlocking a patient’s health problems. The
blocked energy in a meridian changes circulation
to a body part when a trauma affects that area of
the body. (BEF) develops when the system control
does not return to normal after the trauma.
You can find a blockage by palpate over scars and
trouble spots as well as testing the patient’s
muscle strength using applied kinesiology,
computerized regulation thermography, heart rate
variability or some of the other advanced energy
measuring devices.

If the tissue is not receiving adequate
circulation, from a blocked energy field, it will
be less energetic and not have as strong an
electromagnetic charge.
If I find a BEF, I’ll inject it with a local
anesthetic and maybe a homeopathic as well to open
the blocked energy. Caine anesthetics are cell
membrane stabilizers and act on interference
fields in the same way that lidocaine does in
treating irregular heartbeat.
I have found that the effect of injecting the
blocked energy fields is almost immediate. There
is sometimes sudden relief of symptoms—but
typically this will occur within a few days.

Occasionally, patients will feel faint for a few
minutes after neural therapy injections. This may
be triggered by, low blood pressure caused by the
injection or the fear of needles. Use a very small
needle (27 gage) and this cuts down on the fear
factor for most patients.

If your patient is on anti-inflammatories,
anti-depressants, anti-hypertensives medications,
you may get a poor response with neural therapy
treatments. They tend to block the autonomic
nervous system, antibiotics; poor nutrition, lack
of mineral and vitamin deficiencies must be
corrected to achieve the best results. Also toxins
like, drugs, tobacco and alcohol may cause a poor
response to neural therapy. Environmental toxins
such as solvents, herbicides and fungicides affect
some people so ask in your initial intake about
all environmental hazarders like cleaning supplies
even perfumes can block the energy flow.

The metals in dental amalgam fillings, especially
mercury, poison the autonomic nervous system and
may defeat neural therapy as well.
For more information you can contact me at or Google Dr.
Thomas Rau in Switzerland.
I Wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr Wu Dhi

Dr Wu Dhi

If you have seen every doctor in town and are not happy with results you are getting or you have been popping pain pills, sleeping pills, steroids and living on antibiotics it may be time for a FREE revaluation of your health picture.

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Dr. Wu Dhi

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