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Is the Spirit Word really real?

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Is the Spirit world really rea

I got an email from Larry this morning. Here is
what he said, “Dr Wu Dhi you are really full of
it. Spiritual hitchhikers where do you come up
with this kind of BS?
There is no such thing as a spirit and even if
there were what makes you think they can grab on
to someone’s energy and suck them dry. You must
have seen too many sifi movies or read too many
Lar, thanks for writing and sharing your views
with me.
In the west we haven’t put too much attention on
the spirit world, although if you have been
watching TV lately there seems to be a lot of
interest in ghosts, sprits and that kind of
phenomena. We actually encounter spirits daily,
in the form of emotional upsets. We have
different names for it in the west, sometimes they
appear as nightmares, or a split personally
disorders. (If it looks like a duck, swims like a
duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is
a duck).
The emotional unrest of traumas, low self-esteem,
depression, fear and rage are the feeding ground
for both demon and spirits.
The spirit or demon becomes attached to the person
drawing energy and substance from their release of
negative emotions. This can occur from a multitude
of things:
• Improper meditations
• Misguided hypnosis
• General anesthesia
• Drugs or alcohol abuse
• Deep emotional of physical traumas
• Tantric sex with the wrong individual
• Exposure to places that are haunted b

    imagesy evil
    • The practice of black magic

    The first thing a demon seeks is to fulfill its
    sensual appetite. It could be sex, rage, or
    emotional addictions all of these are food for a
    spirit; they can even set up camp in your home or
    office before you realize it. That unwanted
    hitchhiker could be living with you and you may
    not know it.
    If you are noticing a lot of drama and emotional
    upset you could very well be feeding a spirit and
    be loosing your own energy.
    As a doctor of Medical Qi Gong I see a lot of this
    stuff causing havoc with patient’s health, loss of
    Qi, bad relationships and misdirected energy, even
    financial ruin. It can just seem like a streak of
    bad luck but I believe that there is much more to
    it. People from all walks of life need to have
    their energy in balance to avoid sickness and ill
    effects on their family and business.
    If you ever need this kind of special work done
    contact me and we can have a conversation and see
    if it’s right for you.


    I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

    Dr. Wu Dhi

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