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Is your Cholesterol too high?

Monday, September 16th, 2013

The more you read and study what’s going on in the
American medical system and who they are in bed
with, (the drug companies) you begin to wonder…
“What happens if I get sick? Who can I trust?”
I was speaking to Linda last week and she told me
a story that I could hardly believe. She went to
see her doctor for her annual check up. A few days
later her doctor’s office called and wanted her to
make another appointment to go over her blood
work. When she got to the office she was told that
her LDL cholesterol was over 200 and she had to go
on drugs immediately.

Linda has been healthy most of her life; she eats
a good diet and exercises every day and really
didn’t want to go on medicine that has been proven
to cause liver damage and many other side effects.
She told her doctor thank you but I am not going
to take the medicine.

A few months later she got a cancellation notice
from her health insurance company claiming that
she was at high risk and they could no longer
cover her.

Linda said, I have been with this company since I
was living with my parents and that’s been years
and years ago. So she called to find out what
happened, it seemed that the insurance company got
a notice that she refused to take the drugs
prescribed by her medical doctor and stated she
was at risk for heart disease.

They strongly suggested to her that if she
refused to follow her doctor’s advice and take her
medicine they would be forced to drop her.
For decades, there has been a concern about the
relationship between LDL cholesterol and heart
disease and how it has affected everything from
the food we eat to the drugs we take to the test
results we get back and the worries we have about
our health.

1. Cholesterol forms part of cellular membranes
and is involved in allowing or preventing critical
nutrients from entering the cell and this in turn
affects cellular function.
2. The brain and central nervous system are mostly
made of cholesterol.
3. The sex hormones: progesterone, estrogen and
testosterone are all derived from and structurally
related to cholesterol.
4. The sex hormones and the adrenal glands are
derived from cholesterol.
5. Cholesterol is also a p recursor for Vitamin D

The LDL (bad cholesterol) preachers have many of
us swallowing the most-prescribed class of drugs
in recent history.

Americans spend more than $14 billion on
cholesterol-lowering medications a year and it’s
growing each year. In fact Cholesterol control has
become the main focus of health care in the United
States. No mater if it’s necessary or not, if your
blood work is out of range you are going to be
prescribed a cholesterol-lowering drug… Bottom
line it’s making a lot of money for the drug

Of course some cholesterol are relatively safe and
some are dangerous. If you treat them all the
same, you aren’t going to get the true story but
many people are going to get medicated need it or

There are many natural ways you can try to handle
your cholesterol without taking drugs:

1.Drink a cup or two of green tea daily
2.Use a dry brush on your body daily
3.Jump on a small trampoline for 5 minutes a
4.Try Red Rice yeast and niacin
5.Quit smoking
6.Take Herbs
7.Lower your intake of meat, butter, cream milk
and cheese to lower saturated fats in your diet.
8.Take Omega 3 fatty acids
9.Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables to add
more soluble fiber to your diet.
10.Reduce Sugar
11.Lose Weight
12.Drink vegetable juices

Take responsibility for your own health and
without a doubt you will get healthier. But you
must work at it! Exercise daily, eat more
vegetables, and drink clean water.
I coach many people on internal exercise, diet,
meditation and sexual practices on a one on one to
regain their youth. Sign up and see if you

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Dr. Wu Dhi’s Longevity Secrets

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

I was reading the “Baby Boomers guide to Longevity”
and I was impressed on what they had to say about how
you can increase your life span and improve your health.
Here is a summary of what they said about
‘The Time Honored Energy Practice Qi Gong:’

“We know that stress ages us. It tires out and weakens the
immune system. Eventually, chronic stress will start to show
up in our joints and aging skin. This makes Qi Gong, an ancient
energy practice from China, an especially effective Anti-Aging Remedy.”

In China, Qi Gong is the name given to the study, practice, and
cultivation of Qi (chi), which mean’s “Created Energy.”
The word ‘Gong’ comes from GongFu, which refers to energy and time.
Although there are different ways to perform Qi Gong, most practices
involve breathing exercises and a series of carefully choreographed
movements or gestures designed to facilitate the flow of Qi (chi).
A consistent Qi Gong practice has the ability to strengthen physical
power, increase mental alertness, endurance, and promote long life.

As it relates to longevity, Qi Gong is especially important because,
in addition to restoring and moving lost Qi, it also replenishes the
blood. As we age, our blood supplies dwindle and our bodies become dry,
brittle, and less elastic. In both Western and Chinese medicine, it is
our bone marrow that maintains healthy levels of red and white blood cells
– the fluid that protects and nourishes the body. The Qi Gong exercises that
I teach and practice restore the suppleness of this marrow, which in turn
strengthens the brain and enhances our mental capacity.

In addition, medical studies have found that Qi Gong practice reduces
sympathetic activity (the fight -or-flight responses that are activated
under stress) in the central nervous system. At the same time, Qi Gong
increases parasympathetic activity, which is restorative and most active
during periods of rest. Qi Gong is considered a viable therapy for
protecting the heart, lowering blood pressure, and reducing anxiety,
all without the need for drugs!”- Well said.

Personally, I have been practicing and teaching Qi Gong for 35 years and
have a Masters in Medical Qi Gong from the International institute of Medical Qi Gong.
I can say without a doubt that my practices have kept me younger and healthier.
I take no medicine, feel great I haven’t had any operations and my sexual
energy is great! I have to say that all of my organs function well.
My brain and memory are only getting better and I want to share this with you.

Yes, you can avoid dangerous medicine, going under the surgeon’s knife and restore your health.

I have two ways that you can learn this wonderful system. On Sunday
March 11, 2012 at 8:00 AM I will offer you an opportunity to restore
your youth by joining the 6-week Flying Crane Qi Gong class in Miami Beach.
If you’re out of town and can’t make it to Miami, don’t worry I have you covered.
The Flying Crane Qi Gong program has been professionally recorded and edited in an
easy to learn format that you can play on your TV or computer. You will also
receive some great free gifts with your program!

Order your copy today to make your body, mind and spirit look and feel younger!

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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Why Stretch Out Your Mind?

Friday, July 1st, 2011

My body was aching this morning when
I woke up and just by chance a friend
dropped by the office who owns a
unique company, “The Stretch Zone.”
You may be wondering what the
heck is the Stretch Zone is all about.

Jordan, the developer came up
with a great therapy
and that is just what I need for my
sore body. He stretches every
muscle in your body and you just
lie on his cool custom table.
It’s almost like having someone do a
Yoga class on you.

Instead of you doing the stretches—
he does the stretching for you!
He developed this system after many years
of work as a personal trainer and now
he stretches people and gives them
exercises to keep their bodies
in great shape.

When I trained on the beach
I pulled a muscle.
It could have been from a high kick
or from running in the surf. I’m not
exactly sure what I did to myself but
I woke up sore.
My stretch guy worked on every muscle
group in my body, slowly stretching
and unraveling the knot that I seemed
to have tied in myself.

He worked the synthesizes, which are
controlled stretching techniques that
help the autonomic nervous system.
It quickly improves muscle symmetry,
and eliminates the pain.
This put the muscles to rest
and I was back to full range and pain
Free in just 1 ½ hours.

What was unique about the treatment
is the Stretch Zone Table that he designed
with adjustable belts, pads, and straps
allowing for the speedy extension of muscles
further than the central nervous system
would normally permit.

When you train as much as I do it’s a
good idea to get a massage, have
someone to stretch you and to take a
sauna at least once a week to relax the
body and keep in good shape.
When I got off of the table, I felt three
inches taller and all of the pain
was gone, I felt great!

I was back to training this morning.
I started by walking backwards 1000
steps, then I did the

Recharging Qi Gong: set

for about 20 minutes and moved right into the

Flying Crane Qi Gong exercise:

I winded it up by doing the automatic
move and went deep into a meditation.
I felt my energy body relaxing at a deep
level and by the time I ended my
training I was super charged and at
the same time I felt totally relaxed.
It was like being on vacation.

I wish you the best in your Health,
Wealth and Happiness

Dr. Wu Dhi

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