Energy Gems are Back (Yeh Ming Ju)

October 5th, 2012

hey are back! My friend Peter Dragon is now
finishing up his book on energy gems with a strong
focus on Yeh Ming Ju.
They are the most magical gems I have ever seen!
They are infused with rare-earth elements and both
absorb and radiate Qi.
In a sense they are alive and have awareness.

These incredible Luminescence Gems
from China are called Yeh Ming Ju
and are considered to be the
“King of the Energy Gems.”

A few years ago I was lucky enough to score a few
of them for
myself and some of my students and then the source
dried up—
they were just gone. I called around, checked with
my sources in China and I just couldn’t get my
hands on any of them.

Well just last week I received a new batch of
So if I promised you one, get in touch with me
ASAP and I’ll send you a picture and get them to
I only have a few so if you want to get one let me
know as soon as you can.

If you aren’t aware of Yeh Ming Ju:

As yet they have never been sold or traded outside
of China, up until a few years ago. Ask any
Chinese person, they have all heard stories of the
mystical energy gems but few have never even seen
them. They are considered more precious than gold.

When I weare my Energy Gems
I feel like I am wearing Body Armor.

Everything good has been happening
Since I started wearing the Gems.

In fact, one of the doctors that I work with got a
necklace a few years ago and has never taken it
off. Since he got the Gem, he has bought and sold
3 frozen yogurt shops (still owns 2 of them), and
has changed his financial picture from having no
credit to having a million dollar business with
more coming in every day.
Now I am not saying that the Yeh Ming Ju made him
rich but he claims it’s his power stone.

My energy seems to have increased,
my endurance is great, I sleep better,
and my creativity and awareness have been

Peter said he would be sending me the book as soon
as he gets it, published with much more about the
gems and the
alchemical process that they go through
to get them.

I’ll make sure that you are well
informed as I get more info and if I am
able to get any more of the “Yeh Ming Ju”
I’ll turn you on to it.

They’re not inexpensive and like any rare gem
that is hard to get they are sold by size, quality

I found out that even the information about
the Energy Gems in English is very limited.

In ancient times only the Royal family was allowed
to own this rare Gem and it never left China until
just recently.

If you want to get one of these let me know and
I’ll put you on the list.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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