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If You’re Acidic Your Sick


If You’re Acidic Your Sick

Joe came into my office yesterday with his wife in
extreme pain in his chest. After doing the initial
examination, he confessed that he over drank and
over ate on Halloween and now is suffering. He
self diagnosed and thought he has an ulcer, but
wasn’t really sure so he came to see me.

We did a test and found that his pH was very
acidic, a health pH is from 6.5 to around 7.5 and
Joe’s was 5.5 excess acid and that wears you out.

Because of the types of foods many of us have
ingested during the greater part of our lives,
certain food groups are acid-forming like meats,
fish, poultry, eggs, most dairy, even grains and
legumes can cause the body to become acidic as
well as sugar drugs and chemicals. When the body
is too acidic disease and infections mushroom.

Joe was brought up in the mid-western part of the
USA and is still eating the standard American diet
resulting in excess acid production. For the most
part he has been a meat and potatoes kind of guy
and has hardly ever missed a lunch or dinner with
out a sweet desert.
When I asked him to tell me what his diet was like
on an ordinary day. He said, “its normal. Eggs and
bacon for breakfast with toast butter and
jelly,and a
few cups of coffee. Lunch maybe a hamburger and
fries or a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich and
for dinner either a steak or pork chop, salad rice
or a potato and some ice cream or a piece of pie.
I love cherry and apple pie”.

I told Joe that excess acid would cause more
problems than he could shake a stick at. Acid
reflux, fatigue, a multitude of illnesses and pain
are just the start and his diet is acid forming,
toxic and can effect the immune system negatively.

If you want to recover your health there are many
ways to reverse the problem, but it will take some
life style modifications as well as a few

First, choose to eat organic fresh veggies,
drink lots of water, fresh fruits and seeds and
nuts and as for desserts I suggest baked apples,
stewed pears, whole grain puddings sweetened with
maple syrup fresh fruits without and added sugar.
I have all my patients check their pH daily with
the pH paper and take a ½ tsp. of a power that
will help alkalize the body quickly and the
results are amazing.
If you have been dealing with digestive problems
like acid stomach pain or just tired call my
office 305-407-0120 and lets get your health in
order. Call today before the holidays and receive
a bonus to keep you feeling great through the
holiday season.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and


Dr. Wu Dhi



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