The Art of Balance



The Art of Balance

My friend Linda found a cheap ticket for me on
Spirit Airlines $58.00 round trip from Miami to
Detroit. What a deal! Spirit isn’t the most
comfortable flight I have been on, but for that
price I was off to the motor city. I traveled
light; a small backpack and I bought and borrowed
some cloths to stay warm when the temperature
dropped below my comfort zone. I went to visit
friends and family and work on a patient that
really needed my help. Sometimes those short trips
are the most productive. I was up every morning at
6: am practicing my Qi Gong in crisp 46 degrees
weather and that’s cold to a guy that lives in
Florida. I spent a lot of time with some very
talented artists, one a potter and the others are
painter and healer. What I’ve noticed about
creative people is that they see life different
than most. They think differently and see life
from a different perspective. They make more use
of their mental raw material. It seems that when
highly creative people try to solve a problem or
achieve a goal, particularly when the goal is
related to their area of creative strength, they
use much more of their brains than do ordinary
people or, indeed, than even themselves when they
are not focused on a creative task.
For the most part my friends who are creative
don’t indulge watch BS on television, they don’t
hang out in bars, or get entrapped by what most
people lust for.
We had a lot of long conversations, about the
planet, nature, health, creativity and spiritual
growth and a bunch of ridiculous stuff that keep
us laughing. None of it was about religion, but a
lot about spirit. Our conversations were very much
about Life-force. As well as health, longevity
and the different medias we could use to creative
stuff with.


What I noticed the most was their interest in
internal work and I was asked what I felt would be
the best and the quickest form of internal
exercises that they can learn and practice to get
the biggest (bang for the buck). I had to think
about it for a while. Most guys have a lot of
energy, which can create excessive heat and that
burns up the water affecting the kidneys. In
Chines medicine you would call that Yin deficiency
and has to be brought back into balance to be
healthy. For men I always suggest learning and
practicing Yin exercises such the Yin set.


These slow moving exercises work specifically on
the internal organs the heart, the spleen, lungs,
kidneys and liver. As long as you can keep those
organs functioning properly you will slow down the
aging process and keep yourself feeling and
looking younger and healthier.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. The yin set is easy to learn and will change
your health for the better
It’s downloadable so you can start learning and


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