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Stressed To The Max!


Stressed To The Max!


Telephone rang this morning at 6:30. It was
Esther, a patient that I have been seeing off and
on for a few years. She said, “I am totally
flipped out, I am out of sync, and I wanted to
know how soon I can get in to see you.” I told her
I would be in the office at nine, and she could
meet me there. When I got to the office, she was
already in the waiting room with tears in her
eyes, hunched over and looked like she hadn’t
slept in days. I brought her in the exam room and
asked her how her energy is at this time, how is
her sleep, does she have a good appetite, and are
you going to the bathroom regularly. That’s when
she broke down and told me that her life just
wasn’t working. I said, wait a minute, you are
focusing on the negative parts of life instead of
the positive. I started questioning her using the
9-step method of the Feng Shui: What is your work?

Have you been working on what you want or what you
don’t want? What about your relationships, how is
that going?

I continued to question her about her family, and
she said her relationship with her mother and
daughters were a little shaky. What about your
spiritual life? Do you meditate, go to church, do
you have an open mind? We finally got to a
question that she wasn’t very comfortable with.
How is your health and exercise, how many books do
you read a month? Aha! Here is the problem. Esther
hasn’t been taking care of herself. She takes care
of everyone else and hasn’t exercised in weeks.
Her kitchen cupboard is full of vitamins that she
doesn’t take regularly. Basically, she drops
Esther out of the healing and healthy picture.
There is definitely an imbalance in her internal
Feng shui. We worked for about an hour, and we
were able to balance her physical being with
acupuncture and soothe her mind with some Medical

Before Esther left my clinic, I gave her specific
set of exercises that she can do every day to keep
her balanced. If I am the only one working on a
patient, and they are not involved and doing the
homework, it will take a long time to heal. But,
if they do the homework, it’s amazing how quickly
they can heal and return to good health. All of us
have imbalances in our lives here and there. We
don’t really get an operating manual on how to
balance our lives. We have to work at it daily. We
all need at least a map on how to balance all
aspects of our life. The Magic Square


is one of those detailed maps to put those
stresses aside and have your life work better and
better daily.

I wish you the best in Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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