Spiritual Journey to Wisdom


Willing to take that Spiritual Journey to Wisdom?

Most people have too much fear and are frightened
to be different in any way from what society calls
the norm. They stay in their job, their bad
marriage and belong to social groups, go to church
and are shaking in their boots to conform to be
just like the collective consciousness not to be
different in any way. They huddle together like a
sheep running to and from this and that.

People set goals that they never keep and are
filled with fear of embarrassment and will do
everything they can not to be exposed. But with
today’s social media it’s getting harder and
harder to hide.

You can find just about anyone these days through
social media or the many public record companies
who have lots of information on everyone. They
know where you live, where you are traveling to
and from, what you buy, all about your work
experience and any scrupulous activities that you
have been involved in. Basically you’re naked to
the world. It’s now more important to do what you
say and say what you do.

Don’t worry there is a way to get congruent in
every aspect of your life and be as successful as
you wish.
In ancient China there is a system called the
Bagua, this magical pattern is used in both Daoist
alchemic cultivation and in summoning rituals. It
represents the blending of the eight trigram this
gives life to the Bagua and you can create your
lives destiny and life purpose with this system.
One aspect of the Bagua called The Magic Square
numbered 1-9 and they add up to Fifteen in every
In numerology the number fifteen is the keyword
for ‘spirit. The number fifteen represents people
who have a lot of ‘determination. Fifteen is the
number of days in each of the 24 cycles of the
Chinese solar year; Using the formula of the
magic square you can balance every aspect of your
life and create the life you wants.

I presented a 2-day workshop on the Magic Square
and how to use the Magic Square Fung Shui formula
to get whatever you want in life – Love, money,
fame, health, travel, spiritual growth and total
balance all aspects of your life. This program is
a must if you want to get yourself on the right
path to success.

Get the Magic Square program today and change your
life .


and change your destiny forever.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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