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Regeneration from Ill Health


Regeneration from Ill Health


Regeneration from Ill Health

Patients come to see me for many reasons. Some
come to get rid of Pain, both physical and
emotionally, other come in to build up their
Immune system
or to find a Cure for what others doctors have
told them there was nothing that could be done.

When it comes to Alternative medicine, natural
medicine and healing it seems to be Intimidating
to the medical community and the drug companies.

But Why?

I believe it’s out of fear and the drug
companies keep that fear alive, strong and in
If our health care system were more inclusive
people could
have a better chance of healing from their health

When I traveled to Europe, China, South
America and Central America alternative medicine
very much alive and in many of these places people
better health care with less side effects, at a
fraction of the price.

Yes they use western medicine in combination with
all the other healing modalities and that works
well to enhance the immune system and bring a
person back to health quicker and with less
adverse side effects.

Modern medicine has made some great
breakthroughs, but they claim they can’t cure,
cancer, diabetes or heart disease or even a common
But they are working on it. (Ha, Ha)

What’s the delay in finding a cure?
Their bottom line, Big profits for stockholders
and Big salaries for Executives! All that Helps to
keep you sick and them FAT CATS.
There is BIG money in keeping these diseases alive
and people

I was talking with a fellow who worked for the
Cancer Foundation”, he told me they are not going
to cure cancer. It’s a big business and if they
cured cancer tomorrow it would put many hospitals,
doctors and pharmaceutical companies out of
business and they are Not about to do that..
Big Pharma is getting richer and richer on your
expense and keeping you sick.

When I was interning at the Paracelsus clinic
in Switzerland my eyes were opened up
to the way health care should be practiced. They
Incorporated western medicine with, Chinese
medicine, massage, homeopathic medicine, Neural
therapy, segment therapy, live blood analysis , IV
and a multitude of other conventional and
Non-conventional treatments that worked well
together. The clinic in Switzerland is inclusive
what ever works to restore health.
I found many many treatments that really
me and work well on those hard to treat cases.
One treatment called the VEGA MRT – Matrix
regeneration is amazing .

The VEGA MRT, is a device for regeneration
therapy of intercellular tissue and
according to the Austrian physiologist prof. Dr.
Pischinger, the matrix is the fundamental
system of the organism and comprises about 80% of
the entire body mass.
It is the supply as well as the disposal system of
the tissue cells and at the same time it
is the home of the defense system of the body.
In other words, it can detox the body and boost
immune system.

Without the proper functioning of your matrix, the
cells are helpless to regenerate. But once the
matrix of the body is cleared out of
inflammation as well as of residual toxic
substances health is restored.

By normalizing polarities, the tissue is helped
to stabilize its pH values which is a
precondition for a normal metabolic functioning.
Using the same principles as cupping, the
capillary blood is being pulled
out from internal into external skin layers. The
toxins are drawn to the surface thus the vacuum
electrode is at the same time an
ideal input electrode for recording
pathological patterns which are used for inverse
bio-resonance therapy.

I have been treating patients using the MRT that
helps restore the immune system and clears the
body of dis-ease. Some of the valuable things
treated by the MRT are:
1. Allergic Diseases,
2. Chronic Degenerative Disease,
3. Chronic Intoxications,
4. Immunity weakness,
5. Rheumatic Diseases,
6. Repairs Regenerative Patterns.

I have found that many patients have recovered
from what their doctors have told them
that there is nothing that can be done.
Treatments are designed to enhance your immune
system and restore health.

Call my office today and schedule your treatment


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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