The Diamond Body

DIAMONDS UNLEASHED is a company with a social
purpose to inspire confidence and to create
educational and microfinance opportunities for
women and girls globally all net profits support
these causes.

Getting Tough with Qigong

I was working out with a group of students about a
month ago showing some of the advanced techniques
of internal Qi Gong and how to strike not at
things but through things. I got distracted by a
question from a senior student when a newbie
cold cocked me on the right on my jaw. Ouch!

How Olives Can Bring You Back To Your Roots

I found time to

exercise, meditate, work, and enjoy my young

family. We never locked our house and I never took

the car keys out of car. Living in a small town or

an island changes you. You don’t have to live in

fear. You aren’t bombarded with commercials or any

other intrusive phone calls. Your life becomes

more aligned with nature and the universe.

Protecting Your Living Space

Protection in Your Living Space

When you move into a new home, you need

protection. It doesn’t matter if it’s an

apartment, a townhouse, or single dwelling. The

first thing you want to do is clear the space and

the property. Old, stale energy can linger for

decades and cause problems to your health and


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