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Making Your Life More Efficient


Making Your Life More Efficient

Johnny been working with me for about 3 years now
is dedicated to practicing Qi Gong. He just turned
28 years old and is filled with questions on how
he can retain his youth and extend his life
without aging.
Here is what he asked me this morning. “Dr. Wu
Dhi, what exercises do I need to be doing to slow
down the aging process?”

Johnny, it takes a lot more than exercise to stay
young. I work on many different aspects of my life
all the time.
I bought a house last year that was built in 1940
a really nice neighborhood just 3 blocks from the
Intercostal. The ocean air is hard on a house, it
needs constant maintenance just as our body, mind
and spirit does. Since I have been a
homeowner I have been busy as a bee updating and
keeping things together and looking good.
I am getting the house eco-friendly as much as
possible and replacing and maintaining stuff all
the time.
My main focus for the last few months has been
getting the interior in ship-shape. The
water that comes from the city is filtered
throughout the whole house. You can actually drink
the water
that comes out of the faucet and I haven’t been
able to do that safely for many years. Part of
staying young is staying hydrated and having a
clean source of water and I have an air filter.

Just before Halloween I was in the attic looking
around and I noticed that the insulation was very
sparse, causing a big energy leakage. When I found
that I had an energy leak in the house, I used
info as a metaphor and started to look for energy
leaks in my personal life. Yes, I found a few that
I am patching up.

I called The Florida Power and Light and they
sent someone to check for energy looses. They
offered me a $200 voucher to add proper insulation
and I didn’t wait, I got right on it. I called a
company that sprays insulation and they made an
appointment to come out within a week and do what
needs to be done. They claim the new insulation
will lower the heating and air-conditioning bill
by 15 to 20 %. I have already noticed that the
house is quitter and I am using less energy. This

reminded me to recheck myself for energy losses.
Many times we have energy looses and don’t even
know it until it’s too late.

Even little things can drain energy forgetting to
turn the thermostat up or down wastes energy.

That was an easy fix. I bought a smart thermostat
that they claim will also save even more energy,
up to 20%. I am waiting to see how much my next
electric bill will be and I’ll know if it was
As far as my personal energy
I have also been working on my physical body to
tighten up muscles and stay flexible. I practice a
few different forms of Qi Gong, internal
exercises, and I have been working out on the TRX
Rip Trainer™ to strengthen core muscles with the
focus on rotational power.
But wait there’s more, every morning I begin with
a meditation then I do a round of full

The rest of the day I work on my business
practices writing blogs, doing some teachings and
seeing patients.
I have found the combination of all these
practices to give me a rounded life and keep me 20
to 30 years younger than most people my age.
Oh yeah, I forgot to talk about diet. I mostly eat
a green based diet with as much live sprouts as I
can get down. But I also eat some grass fed
meat. I’ll eat lamb now and then; have a bowl of
bone marrow soup. Occasionally I’ll eat wild
deer and elk meat when I can get it, these are
vibration animals. I pass on chicken and pork
and stockyard meats. Soda is a no, no and very
seldom eat any foods that are canned.
Every part of your life is important and every
domain has to be addressed to give you a rounded
Get a copy of the Magic Square formulas and I’ll
send you the ancient formulas to transform your
life and balance out all the domains in your life.


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and


Dr. Wu Dhi


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