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The Magic Of The Wood And Water Elements


The Magic Of The Wood And Water Elements


Today, I returned from Michigan after a week of
the most beautiful trip. The weather was
increasable; it ranged between 50 and 75, with
hardly a drop of rain. Yet, all the trees, bushes
and lawns were a luscious green. I haven’t been in
the woods since last summer, and I missed the
calmness of the trees.

Trees are probably the most evolved of all plants.
There is a special relationship between trees and
humans as trees produce the oxygen that we need to
breathe, while we exhale carbon dioxide on which
trees thrive. Trees are multidimensional beings.
They have their roots deep down in the earth which
signifies their connection to the Underworld.
Their trunks and lower branches are in our world,
the world of men. The branches of tall trees reach
high in the sky, which makes them a bridge into
the heavens. In fact, in many cultures, shamans
journey into the Upper World by visualizing
themselves climbing a tall tree to the very top
and then flying up into the sky!

I was fortunate enough to be staying at a friend’s
home that was surrounded by the forest filled with
wildlife. Every day, I trained in the most awesome
clearing in the woods. In the early morning, there
wasn’t a soul around, only flocks of geese, swans
on the lake, a fox and deer. I guess everyone was
up for an early breakfast before the humans got
up. When I train, I try to be as near the water as
I can. It is peaceful, and the raging river served
as the background noise as I worked with the
The trees have a special energy; they are the Wood
element that springs time and growth. The element
of Wood manifests in the liver and enhances the
emotion of kindness. The rushing river nearby is
the Water element that strengthens the kidney
energy, bringing in the emotion of gentleness. I
seemed to get lost in my training or meditation
for well over an hour and a few days. It was noon
before I got home. The spirits of the woods are
magical, and if you are open to it, it can change
your life.

Here’s what this vacation in the forest did for my
spiritual health and well-being:
1. When you are out of town, you don’t have the
same worries and responsibilities.
2. Your training time can be longer and more
intensive as there are no time restraints.
3. It is the perfect opportunity to be more
social, a time to see friends and family.
4. When you are out of town, one usually is
willing to try new things which opens up our heart
and mind.
5. One becomes more adventurous, some explores
different paths that you wouldn’t necessarily do
at home.
6. According to the formula of the Magic Square,
travel brings in new opportunities to increase
your possibility of making more money and meet
influential people.
6. The relaxation one gets out of being on
vacation relaxes the mind and the body, and it
allows your creativity to expand.

If you are finding it hard to get away and take a
vacation, here is a way to squeeze in extra few
vacation days a month without spending a dime. I
have been doing this for years. Change your
sleeping habits, go to sleep a little earlier and
get out of bed before the sun comes up, and get
outside as soon as you can. I walk down to the
ocean, but you can go to the woods, by a river, or
even a park, and start training. You’ll at least
get in an hour a day, that’s seven hours a week,
more than a day a month, giving you an extra
twelve days a year of free time. These little
adjustments in your life will free up time and
give you a better quality of life. Pick up a copy
of my Magic Square Workshop

300-600 Woman

This will give you a clear picture of how to get
exactly what you want.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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