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Environmental Disaster


Environmental Disaster


It’s no wonder plastic straws dumped into the sea
cause serious harm to marine animals. They get
stuck in sea turtles’ nostrils, lodged in the
stomachs of seabirds, and end up in our food chain
after being eaten by fish.

Every morning, I’m at the beach training in Qi


and various other internal exercises. I found
that, over the years, I have been able to slow
down the aging process and keep myself flexible
and pain-free. Before I leave the beach, I always
take five hundred steps backwards. What this does
is it opens up my peripheral vision and enhances
my balance. What I noticed every day is there are
at least ten to fifteen plastic straws that I pick
up and throw away onto the trash. Although this is
not a part of my longevity exercises, it is a part
of my contribution to making our planet a better
place. There is so much plastic in the sea now.
They say it is bigger than the entire State of
Texas. And, although there are many organizations
that are trying to clean up the sea, it is a
problem for our entire planet. Although we think
of our own health and longevity, it is important
to think of the entire planet, saving our
resources of air, water and land. If and when they
are gone, so are we. Be aware every day of your
surroundings and start practicing longevity
exercises like the Recharging Qi Gong program that
will change your life and keep you younger.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

P.S The Recharging Qi Going


program comes with a book explaining all of the
exercises, 2 DVD’s and 5 CD’s. Practicing this
program on a daily basis will change your life

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