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Doctors Are Horrible Patients


Doctors Are Horrible Patients

I have been caring for people for decades with a
host of alternative healing modalities. Everything
from Postural Integration to Medical Qi Gong, and
a slew of other healing techniques, meditations
and internal exercises, to make life better for
people, improving the quality of life of those I
come in contact with. This is my life work; you
can take a peek at what I have been up to over the
years of study and work I’ve been doing for the
last thirty years or so. I realized I have really
never gotten involved with the medical
establishment, and I am the worst patient ever. I
have questions on everything, why this or that,
what will it do, what will happen if I don’t take
the treatment, and I go on and on. I challenge
everything that the doctor says. I am so grateful
that I don’t have patients like me. Yes, doctors
are the worst patients we know. Doctors have too
much knowledge and are not big on trusting others,
especially if we have been using alternative
treatments for decades. I look up everything to
avoid treatment, and I am the worst on following
instructions. Bad, Dr. Wu.

I haven’t taken any medicine for over twenty-five
years, including over-the-counter medicine. You
may be wondering why, here it is. Medicine, these
days, works on managing disease and symptoms.
There is no cure for cancer, diabetes, Multiple
Sclerosis, or the flu, or even the common cold.
Now, don’t get me wrong. If you get shot, stabbed
or fall and break a bone, the medical profession
is the best, and drugs can keep you going if you
can’t manage your own health. There are many great
things modern medicine does but, if you are
willing to take responsibility for your own
health, you are way ahead of the game. There is
no trick to it that works if you work at it –
diet, exercise, your mental state, self-talk and
the company you keep.

I’ll spend some time going over all of those
subjects in the blogs in the next few weeks.
I have been eating an 80/20 diet for years: 80%
healthy food and 20% eat what you want, or your
emotional foods. I eat mostly a green-based diet,
lots of veggies and fruits, mostly organic non-GMO
and the best quality I can find. It helps that the
growing season in South Florida starts in early
September, and I am still eating out of the garden
in the later part of May. And now, the papayas,
bananas and mangoes are in full swing as well as
the sweet potatoes, peppers and spinach. In the
fall, I get so much food that I give it to friends
and family by the bag full. In fact, everyone is
waiting for the mangoes, including the squirrels
in the neighborhood.

If I ever catch a cold, or get an occasional sore
throat, or have a backache, I take homeopathic
medicine. What I like about it is there are very
few side effects and, for the most part, it works
just as how the Western Medicine does, but at a
fraction of the price. It may take a little longer
to kick in, but it cures and treats.

You may be wondering why your doctor isn’t
prescribing homeopathic medicine for you. It is
widely used all through Europe, South America and
the Middle East, but not in North America. Why
isn’t homeopathic medicine popular in the USA? Big
Pharma blocks it as much as possible. They know
they can’t compete with a medicine that is
inexpensive, has few side effects and works great.
The Food and Drug Administration has come up with
every excuse why it shouldn’t be imported. They
claim to be protecting the public. Haha, they are
actually protecting their own bank accounts, and
keeping millions of people in the dark from
alternative treatments.
Like I said, there are many other factors in play
to keep you healthy.

The right exercise, I have found it as important
to keep your internal organs and muscles. The
internal exercises will work as a longevity
practice to keep your organs functioning to their
optimum. Check it out! Download the Qi Gong Bundle


and get started today.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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