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Christmas Fun and Truth


Christmas Fun and Truth


It’s Christmas Day!

The family is here and the house is filled with
stuff to eat the presents are open and we ate,
drank and are merry just waiting do it again.

Here are a few things you can do during the
holidays to make them even better.
To attract good Qi and allow it to freely dance
throughout your home, bless all dwellers and
guests that enter. Start now and make that a
regular practice and your home will be always
filled with good energy .
We have a week before the New Year so don’t wait
another moment make a junk-removing resolution.
Only keep those things you really love. Many of us
fall into the trap of thinking we will need this
or that so we store, and collect things that we
don’t really need and when we past into the after
life. Your family will end up discarding most of
it anyway. Holding on is what we call hoarding
and just a future garage sale for your kids.
Collecting is fun and I love finding treasures as
much as anyone, but when you are over your limit
it can cause health problems. Not only will it
congest your living space you can develop
congestive heart disease or at least blood
stagnation and shorten your life by years. When
you clean away the things you do not use, or no
longer need, you create space for something new
and exciting to take its place. Sometimes this
comes in the form of opportunities, increased
focus in your life– if nothing else; you’ll gain
extra “breathing space.”

Before your company starts piling in, either burn
scented candles or spray each room with the scent
of lemon, lavender, pine or cinnamon to help relax
your guests the moment they enter your home.
Dennis Fairchild has inspired these holiday tips.

Christmas is a special time of the year but
You may feel deceived, and the thing that made
this deceit so bad was that it came from people we
trusted, family, friends, and especially the
Church. If you do just a little research you will
find out that nearly everything about Christmas
comes from Pagan traditions, and is deeply rooted
in Sun God and Fertility-God worship. Not Santa or
the birth of Jesus
According to many historical and archaeological
sources, Pagans celebrated the Birthday of their
Sun-god on or around December 25th for thousands
of years. This tradition is directly connected to
the Winter Solstice. It is said that the sun dies
during the winter solstice the shortest day of the
year and is born or re-born the following day as
the days begin to get longer again. This Pagan
celebration was merged into Christianity hundreds
of years ago, as an attempt to merge Christianity
with the popular Pagan cult in the Roman Empire.
They were successful at merging Christianity with
Paganism, but was this really the right thing to
If this has popped your bubble about Saint Nick
and the church start researching it and you will
find out it’s all a fair tail. But dam good for
Merry Christmas
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and


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