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Balancing Internal Forces


Balancing Internal Forces

I was out of the house before sunrise this morning
with my son and granddaughter.
Her class had a special cleanup day at
Tucson Mountain park, elevation
2,700 feet that’s not very high unless you’re
coming from sea level and then it’s all lungs and

For 4 hours we hung out with around 30
teenagers going up and down the mountain picking
up trash. Lucky for me my son was leading the
teens and I had time to get in touch with desert

When you are in the city the noise and
electromagnetic pollution interferes with the
reception of the soothing frequency of the earth.
Going into Nature is a way to slow down our
distracted mind and stressful lives. Our vibration
is balanced by a host of frequencies of the
oceans, the mountains, deserts, and forests.
Vibrationally, water can bind lower frequency
energy, clearing our energy bodies and chakras.

The ocean produces negative ions which
• Strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves
• Reinforces collagen
• improves metabolism
• Strengthens the body’s immune system
• Stimulate our defense
• Increase our capacity to absorb oxygen.
• Speed up oxidation of serotonin

I appreciate living near the ocean, but there are
times that it is important to bring in the other
elements to keep balanced.
The Earth has a strong grounding effect keeping us
centered. The energy that flows through the Earth
just below our feet will keep you rooted. When you
drop your center down to your cauldron,( the point
around 4 or 5 inches below your navel) start to
pull energy up from the earth you’ll start
to notice the difference in your health and
happiness. In Qi Gong and any of the internal arts
we often speak of rooting oneself this is a key to
the longevity practices.

This week in Tucson I have been wandering around
the gem and mineral show drinking up the Qi of the
crystals and feeling the vibrational changes, it’s
like a walking meditation. Being in the desert
also has a special energy that’s very calming and
charged with Qi. I am feeling the changes in my:
• View
• Openness
• Serenity
• Mystical nature
• Expansive

Each environment scenario has a unique energy and
can heal your body,mind and spirit. The seashore
feels very different than the mountains or the
desert. Each has a frequency that speaks loudly to
those who choose to tune in and listen.

Do you want to tune your body and mind into the
energy of the universe and be more focused and
grounded? If you are ready for an adventure of
self-discovery join me and the hundreds that
belong to the Qigong Inner Circle.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

PS. As of April 1st the Qi Gong Inner Circle will
be downloadable eliminating S&H
Saving all of us time and money.


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