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Are You Too FAT?


Are You Too FAT?

The holidays are here and there is a lot of
excitement, the stores are filled and this is the
biggest on line retail year ever. What a joy to
see family and friends and to bring in the holiday
spirit. One thing that we do at the holidays is
eat and eat some more. Did you over-eat on
Thanksgiving? Most of Americans did!
Thanksgiving is just the beginning of the
over-eating season and with all the cookies,
cakes, and drinking, as well as big heavy meals we
can put on some unwanted weight in a snap and we
justify over indulging by saying, “It’s the
This is the time of the year that most people
over-indulge and consume more food than they do
all year. Did you ever wonder what happens inside
your body when you overeat?
The moment that you see or smell food, your
digestive system begins working by releasing the
enzymes and hormones that break down food. During
the digestion process, food moves from the mouth
to the throat to the stomach to the small
intestine to the large intestine. The spleen and
gallbladder contribute digestive juices to help
with the breakdown and absorption of nutrients.

Here is what happens when you overeat.
1. Your stomach swells and expands like a balloon
to accommodate the large amount of food, which
then pushes against the other organs in your body
and you need to loosen your belt a few notches.
The next thing you know you feel bloated, gassy
and very uncomfortable. When ever we swallow food,
air gets into the digestive track, and gas expands
in the stomach, making you feel like your going to
bust, and if you drink soda with your meal that
makes it worse.

Antidote: Eat less, eat slowly and
avoid carbonated drinks.


2. Heartburn- The stomach produces hydrochloric
acid to help digest food and, if you overeat, this
may lead to a back up into the esophagus,
resulting in heartburn. The more food you eat, the
more acids is needed to digest it. If you overeat
you are more prone to heartburn and if you are
eating greasy cheeseburgers, fries pizza and
washing it down with a cold beer or two sooner or
later you are going to suffer.

Antidote: Avoid the greasy fried food, dairy
(cheese, and ice cream) keep your pH alkaline.


3. As food moves through your digestive tract and
into the small intestine, the gallbladder and the
spleen start to secrete enzymes to digest fats,
carbs, and proteins. The cells in the intestinal
absorb macronutrients, along with vitamins and
minerals, used for energy or storage. The extra
calories that cannot be used for energy are stored
as fat.


Antidote: Avoid the carbs or at least keep them to
a minimum and start taking digestive enzymes


4.Your organs are over working. Digesting a huge
meal requires the organs to work on overdrive,
shooting out extra hormones and enzymes to break
down the food. When this happens things start to
break down and aging accelerates your cortisol
levels go up, your insulin spikes and your growth
hormone tanks. The body feels drowsy and tired. As
the pancreas releases the hormone insulin, it
sends off a cascade of hormones to be released.
The feel good hormones, are released. (Serotonin
and dopamine)

Antidote: Avoid stress, eat less. The only
proven anti aging technique is food
deprivation; the less you eat the longer you will

5.You could feel nauseous as the body starts to
produce the hormone Leptin, that is produced by
the fat cells, tells the brain that you’re no
longer hungry and need to stop eating. If you eat
too fast, you may miss this signal and continue
eating past the feeling of fullness, causing the
body to produce more leptin. People that have more
fat cells in their bodies are leptin resistance
and you will be putting on more weight with ease.

Antidote: Eat slower, and distress your life, take
a meditation class, practice yoga and Qi gong and
you’ll lose weight

If you are at the point in your life where you
want to make some changes, loose some weight get
your health together and learn how to regain your

Join me for a year of coaching and reverse your
aging process.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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