Training Is Great, Injury Sucks!


Training Is Great, Injury Sucks!


If you have ever trained with weights or played a
sport, you know, sooner or later, you get hurt or
pull a muscle, and it puts your training on hold
for weeks or even months. For most of my life, I
have been practicing internal martial arts and
training at the gym. Even with great training
habits, every now the then, I pull, twist or tweak
something out of place. Most injuries are resolved
in a day or so but, now and again, I am out for
weeks or even months. For the last month, I have
been recovering from a form of poison that I took
by mistake. I thought I was going to feel much
better after the treatment but, this time, my body
really reacted to the treatment and put me back
more than a month in my training. The Qi Gong and
meditation kept me together.

How do you get yourself back together after you
have been set back in your training or sport?

The hardest part is going right back to where you
were as soon as you start feeling a little better.
Here’s some valuable advice to get you back to
your training the quickest and avoid any further
1. Keep yourself well hydrated. The human body
is 50-75% water and, if we stay hydrated, we heal
2. Perform frequent, low-intensity activation
of the injured muscle.
3. Rest. If you exercise often like I do,
resting is the hardest thing to do.
4. Start taking supplements like vitamins B and
C, and a natural anti-inflammatory like
5. Take Epsom salt baths.
6. Stretch out in a pool, lake or the ocean.

We all know that the best treatment for injuries
is to prevent them from ever occurring in the
first place. The body needs to be strong,
flexible, highly trained but not over-trained, and
well-nourished but not overfed. I have found that
whatever your sport or training, it is most
important to practice and train in the internal
exercises like Qi Gong, Nei Gong and Shen Gong.
The Recharging Qi Gong Program will keep you doing
what you love to do.


I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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