We Scored and So Did You

Our staff at Whole Life Health and Wellness Center
which includes 3 chiropractors, a personal
trainer, myself an acupuncture physician also
doing homeopathic and European biological
medicine, and all the extra treatments, like the
Cryotherapy equipment, detox programs, and the
training in Qi Gong and meditation

The Key to Maximum Growth

According to Louise Hay, the wrist
represents movement and ease. And the “Lama on the
Mountain” refers to the wrists as having to do
something with our connections. Who needs to be
brought together or what needs to be brought together.

Staying Cool, Getting Younger in 95 Degrees Plus

Cryotherapy is where freezing temperature sends the body into a
“survival mode,” which causes blood supply to flow
to the internal organs to spread more oxygen and
nutrients. After just a few minutes, you leave the
cold treatment, and the enriched blood is flushed
back into the rest of the body. This anti pain and
anti aging therapy is wonderful.

Sexual Power Enhancement

For the most
part, we are not taught how to make love, and most
of our lovemaking is only to satisfy ourselves.
This is a very limited view that keeps us stuck in
unsatisfying relationships and, eventually, we
lose our libido and our health, and maybe, even
our mate.

Regenerate Your Body to Stay Young

Imagine your body is like a big pond. When you
throw a rock into the pond, ripples are formed,
and then go to the edge of the pond and disappear.
This is what happens day after day to our body and
mind. Situations arise and are genially moved out
with no problem. Now, if you pitch the same rock
into the pond, and the ripples are flash-frozen,
all the ripples will still be there when looking
at the pond. When our bodies get stressed out, it
is like flash-freezing the muscles.

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