Are You Getting Younger?

In China, the key to anti-aging is the internal

practices like Qi Gong. Qi Gong is a combination

of two ideas: Qi as the vital energy of the body

and Gong as the skill of working the Qi. Medical

Qi Gong for health and healing consists of

meditation, physical movements, and breathing


Don’t Ever Get Old

I have had the privilege to work,

study and train closely with many masters

in the Taoist, Hindu and Tibetan systems

of meditation, as well as healing Masters
from China, Europe, South America and
the Good ole USA.

How Olives Can Bring You Back To Your Roots

I found time to

exercise, meditate, work, and enjoy my young

family. We never locked our house and I never took

the car keys out of car. Living in a small town or

an island changes you. You don’t have to live in

fear. You aren’t bombarded with commercials or any

other intrusive phone calls. Your life becomes

more aligned with nature and the universe.

Living Amongst Nature

For most of my life, I have lived amongst

nature. I’ve lived in the mountains of Colorado,

the woods of Michigan, the desert of New Mexico,

the island of Maui, not to mention China and


The Movies can Change Your Life

The aging process is normal and the only thing
that stops it is early death. That sucks. But if
you follow the right program, there is no reason
you can’t slow down aging and improve the quality
of your life.

Don’t Run Away from Your Health

Computerized Regulation Thermography
(CRT) is a safe, radiation-free, non-invasive,
painless, and cost-effective whole-body scan
method for discovering hidden dysfunctions and
infections, and it is a way of monitoring your
treatment progress. With the CRT test, we can see
problems before they manifest into health problems
that may be irreversible.

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