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Learning To Learn


Learning To Learn

It was around twenty-some years ago when my friend
asked me if I would do a favor for him. Without
any hesitation, I said, whatever it is, the answer
is yes! I was quite surprised when he asked me if
I would go to his wife’s birthing classes with
her. I gave my word, so the next eight weeks, I
was the surrogate father at a Lamaze classes, and
I didn’t even know what Lamaze was at the time. If
you are not aware of the French term, Lamaze
classes are to help women learn to trust their
inner wisdom and make informed choices about their
healthcare. In a Lamaze class, women and their
partners learn various simple coping strategies,
breathing and movement techniques, and different
ways to comfort themselves during childbirth. The
Lamaze philosophy stipulates that “birth is
normal, natural, and healthy” and that “women have
a right to give birth free from routine medical
interventions.” This was an education for me as
well as the expecting mother. We got through the
class, although it was a little tough as my
pretend wife could hardly speak any English.
Around a month later, her parents flew in from
China, and a baby boy was born, the first boy in a
family of three girls. Her parents, especially the
grandfather, were delighted. The first boy!

The following year, I traveled to China with Baby
and Mother and had the privilege of work in the
hospital with grandpa. He has been practicing
Chinese medicine for decades and is considered a
treasure in China. He is famous in China,
specializing in Internal Medicine and Energy
Medicine, and knows his stuff very well. This was
quite a learning experience for me. We saw eighty
people a day. In my clinic in Florida, I see a
hundred people a month, and I am already busy.

Because I was a guest, I had some privileges that
most students never get. In fact, I met and worked
with some doctors that have practiced Medical Qi
gong for four decades. Unfortunately, I am not
fluent in Chinese, so most of the teachings that I
got were by watching and practicing, using some
special methods that I picked up over the years,
referred to as NLP or Neuro-Linguistic
Programming. One useful technique is called
Modeling. It is the process of adopting the
behaviors, language, strategies and beliefs of
another person or exemplar in order to build a
model of what they do. Another technique I used to
build rapport with people that I don’t t speak
their language is called mirroring. Mirroring is
simply the process of mimicking subtle behaviors
with whomever you are communicating. Mirroring can
be achieved by copying any of these things: speech
patterns which I could use as I don’t have command
of Chinese, body language, vocabulary style or
specific choices of words, pace, tempo, pitch,
tone, and volume. I used as many of these
techniques as I could, and they paid off. I was
able to learn more than the average student who
was busy listening to the translator.

Learning how to learn is a huge advantage and a
great tool for observation. I use these tools
daily in my practice of alternative medicine,
practicing my Qi gong and in my daily meditations.

Call Julie at my clinic at 305-407-0120 and
schedule an appointment. You will discover the
difference as we work together. Patients find that
they open up new pathways in every aspect of their
health and well-being.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and
Dr. Wu Dhi

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