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Your Map for Success


Your Map for Success


It was my birthday a few days ago and I had an
Amazing day. One of my friends who is a well known
astrologer from Michigan told me that every two
hours on the day of your birthday is equivalent to
a month of the year coming up.
I wanted to make sure fun things were going to
happen every hour all day long. I planned out my
birthday hour by hour on what I wanted to
accomplish. I started with a meditation and then
did 108 prostrations. When you prostrate, it
purify our delusions, negativities and our bad
karma. The Dalai Lama teaches that as long as we
humans suffer from delusions, we are making bad
karma –intentionally and unintentionally – all the
time, from morning to night. To counteract our bad
actions, one thing we can do is to engage in
spiritual practices, like reciting mantras, or
making offerings and doing prostrations. A full
body prostration is done to both purify
negativities and generate merit.

How to prostrate
1.:Put your feet together; bring your hands
together in prayer pose at the height of chest.
Keep the praying gesture, then raise up above your
head, touch down to your crown, brow, throat and

2. Bend your waist facing the ground. Keep your
parallel to the ground, and then drop on the
ground as in a push up. let your knees touch

3. Knee down slightly after your hands propping
on ground steadily facing the ground.


4. Lie your whole body down on the ground. Keep
your legs straight then stand up and repeat.

I am
working up to doing 250 in a day. Check out my You
tube station I did a few
prostrations to show you how its done.
I made sure I got in a Qi Gong practice that day
and about the time I finished a got a call from a
friend that wanted to meet me for breakfast.
By midday I was feeling great I meditated, did my
Qi gong and spent some time doing some social
activity. Later that day I scheduled astrology
reading in the afternoon to see what the
possibilities where going to be coming up for the
year. I usually like to get a reading once a year
and my birthday was the perfect time to look into
the up and coming events. Astrology can give us a
map of coming events and the best times to be
successful on your path and when to be aware of
the possibilities of dangers.
But you got to remember that the map is not the
territory. I use astrology as a guide and it
looked like I am going to have a great year.
About an hour later a friend called and asked, if
I would you like to go to her yoga class? I
haven’t done a 2-hour yoga class in a few years..
Although it was a bit changeling, I enjoyed the
stretching; and great health benefits, it made my
body smile inside and out. The day was filled with
love, joy, devotion, some work, some play and very
social. This is going to be a great year.

My birthday was a series of events that I love to
do. I believe we should have a life of joy,
health, love and excitement but if you don’t have
a map it’s hard to get to your destination.
In the Magic Square Workshop program


You will learn how to make that map that will led
to your successful in all domains of your life.
Don’t get lost without a map of where your going

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi


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