Don’t Get Old

My main focus for years has been to build
energy; it is said that at the time of
our own death we have only two things.
The amount of love you have given and
the amount of energy we have stored.

Autumn is Here, Are you Prepared?

Recommended activities during autumn are those
that keep you balanced and comfortable, for
example, taking walks in a shady park and
practicing the Flying Crane Qi Gong

The Most Powerful Planetary event is upon us

It’s not often that we have so many planets in
alignment to take advantage of and make major
shifts in our lives. This is the time to set
higher goals for self-improvement, this energy
will be strong for the entire year.

The Seasons Change Here again

Four seasonal changes a year are the entry
points that can enhance or hinder a patient’s health
and well being through the entire season. What can
one do to stay healthy all through the season
changes? Read more

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